Drugs and Craigslist

Selling Illegal Drugs on Craigslist

It’s amazing to me how many people in this world use drugs. Yes, I am one of the few that has never used drugs and can easily point the finger at those that do. I find that there are so many more things to do in this world than get high, that it just is incomprehensible to me why anyone would get high, or stoned. Some of the stuff I have heard about drugs just boggles my mind. The other day I was listening to this woman talking about when she got high she suddenly saw her lunch (a burrito) sprout legs and arms and try to attack her. That gives a whole new meaning to Mexican food being hard to stomach!

It’s no surprise that drugs would wind up on Craigslist. In some cases it is disguised and in some cases the individual doing the selling was obviously consuming the merchandise. In a recent article the Associated Press reported that a Stamford Connecticut man advertised on Craigslist selling Marijuana. Police said that Steven Zahorsky, age 24 posted for “Mary Jane in Fairfield County”. In the ad the man offered a half ounce of “A” grade marijuana for $220. He also offered “B” grade marijuana for $160. (Sounds like a real bargain.)

The police spotted the ad (like it was really well hidden) and responded posing as a painting crew wanting to buy some drugs to get high during their break. (The moron Zahorsky actually fell for this.)

Zahorsky allegedly agreed to sell three quarters of an ounce of marijuana to the undercover police officers when he met with them at a rest stop on interstate 95. He agreed to meet them at a McDonaldsto complete the transaction. (Sounds like a perfect place since I understand you get the munchies after you get high.)

Zahorsky allegedly met with the police officers and took $320 in cash in exchange for the marijuana. (Not bad for a few minutes work, or lack of work. Who says crime doesn’t pay?)

(Obviously this guy when the cops slapped the cuffs on him.) As is to be expected Zahorsky said he was at McDonalds to eat and had no idea why the officers were arresting him. (Like I never saw that bag of grass before in my life dude.) The police found the $320 on Zahorsky, and the undercover officers number on his cell phone. To make matters worse, when the police arrived at Zahorsky’s apartment they found three bags of marijuana, one bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms, along with a shotgun, ammunition and a digital scale. (Like I’ve been framed dude, I never saw none of that stuff till right now.) Zahorsky was charged with several drug charges and released on $10,000 bail. He is due back in Stamford Superior court on Feb 13. (I’m sure he’ll be there as the up standing citizen he is. On the other hand he probably already vacated his apartment and is selling drugs in another state.) On a personal note I just want to say to Zahorsky, in case you are reading this blog, I believe you man, the cops were definitely just picking on you. (Yeah right!)

The moral of the story is “Don’t be stupid enough to post a public ad on Craigslist or any other advertising media trying to sell illegal drugs.” Drug dealers have to stay in the shadowy underbelly of society or risk being squashed like the roaches that they are under the big foot of law enforcement agencies.

Don’t do drugs, get a life!


2 Responses to Drugs and Craigslist

  1. bradlights says:

    Do you drink?

    If you do, keep in mind that consumable alcohol is essentially 100% man made. It was created for the explicit purpose to get inebriated.

    Marijuana is a plant that grows in the wild. It enhances your senses and gives you a much cheerier disposition on life.

    Ever heard the phrase “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it”?

    • I love comments like this. Yes Brad I will have a drink on occasion but I am not a boozer. I have heard of the saying “Don’t knock it till you try it.”, but in reality that defies common sense. Some people like eating dirt, but I am fairly sure I wont like it. Some people like being tied up and beaten, again, not for me. So most people can make comments on things they haven’t tried knowing full well how it will be. As for your argument that marijuana is 100% natural and alcohol is not, again you are mistaken. Alcohol has been around since the beginning of time. It’s a natural process involving fermentation of a variety of natural products such as rice, molasses, barley, hops, and grapes. I’m sure it was some dumb caveman somewhere who first discovered alcohol and had a great time with it. Man has just learned to perfect it just the same as Marijuana has been processed and perfected by man (ie: all the different blends available). Also, saying that marijuana heightens your abilities is just as laughable as when a drunk says he can drive better after a few beers. Enjoy your pot if you like my friend, but I will leave it to the rest of you. I don’t like anything that impairs my mind (that is why I only drink 1 drink and no more).

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