Craigslist being blocked for Security Issues!

Apparently for some time now COX Internet has been blocking Craigslist from it’s users. If you have COX internet service you either can’t get on to Craigslist or it’s a hit or miss situation. It seems that COX has been using some new security software by a company called Authentium which considers Craigslist to be a security risk. The position from COX is not that they are blocking Craigslist on purpose, just that Craigslist has major issues with fraud and spam and COX is doing it’s best to prevent that type of problem from reaching it’s users. In this day and age with cyber crime being as great as it is, this should be considered a good thing.

The people at Craigslist are not happy about this since they are experiencing similar problems with other companies such as SBC, Yahoo , BT Internet and Telcos. It seems that all these companies are beefing up their security suites to better serve their customers, and Craigslist is high on he list of trouble maker sites.

The people at Craigslist take the attitude that these companies are targeting Craigslist unfairly and that they are going against net neutrality. They claim they have contacted these companies to have them stop blocking Craigslist but the companies in question have been unresponsive. Well, maybe now the people at Craigslist will see what it feels like to be blocked and ghosted. It’s easy to blame others for what goes wrong but it’s harder to look at ones self and make appropriate corrections. The problems that I see within Craigslist exist within many companies, especially internet companies. They loose touch with the real people and they exist in a cocoon. They only see their goals, their problems and their points of view. They don’t see anything wrong when they block or ban users, but when more powerful entities do it to them then it’s wrong. All Craigslist really does is attempt to brainwash everyone into believing that they are a nonprofit company out to help the little guy post his/her ads on the internet for free. That’s a total load of BS. Did you know that Craigslist makes over $20 million a year in revenue? Yes, that’s right, I’ll explain that in another article.

There’s an old saying that says “What goes around comes around.” Well Craigslist, it’s coming around! Instead of making your pages more secure, and protecting your readers, you haven’t. You allow criminals and scammers to wander freely among your pages taking advantage of the unsuspecting innocent readers. On the other hand you have plenty of time to pick off the few legitimate people who are actually trying to use your site to advertise their services. Instead of behaving like a major organization and attempting to run a proper classifieds section with proper oversight and checks and balances, NO! You have chosen to pocket the profits and just let the community take down whomever they find to be offensive. This leading to large amounts of people using this feature for their own personal advantage. In fact if you read the forums at Craigslist you will find countless posts where Craigslist clearly indicates that “it is NOT meant as a means of advertising”. They want to ride the middle ground between saying that they are a “free classifieds page”, to they are “not really meant for advertising purposes”. You can’t have it both ways just picking which way is most convenient for you at the given time Craigslist!

Craigslist has gained popularity in the past few years, but unless they make some major changes, they will soon become a distant memory as mainstream internet companies find out how ineffective Craigslist really is at preventing scams, fraud, and crimes against their users. A day is coming soon where most of the posters on Craigslist will only be scammers because legitimate businesses will not want their good names associated with Craigslist. Craigslist is fast becoming Crimeslist! Just how Craigslist can block, they too can be blocked!

8 Responses to Blocked

  1. Gary says:

    I post political satire and many times my posts get flagged. Is the number of flags affecting my account? Sometimes they are removed within 10 minutes or as soon as they show on the list.

    • craigslist says:

      The more posts you have that are Flagged, the more your chance increases of getting your account banned or blacklisted. Your posts will eventually start to be Ghosted so they never show up at all.

      • Gary says:

        I am starting to believe that there is an automated Don’t-Offend-the-republican-party campaign. I am an equal party poster and far more anti-Trump posts get flagged faster than others.

      • craigslist says:

        Hahahaha…That is hilarious, and the answer is not only NO but Hell No!. You forget my friend where CL is located. They are located in the land of KaliforniKa and a foggy berg known as Frisco. (Ok, kidding aside), CL is in San Francisco, the MOST liberal, Left leaning place on the planet. A city that has declared itself a illegal alien sanctuary. Where homeless people can crap and pee on the sidewalk and not get arrested. A place where they probably hang Trump in effigy on every street corner. No, San Francisco is full of Liberal, Socialist, Wackos who would probably embrace your Anti-Trump posts and repost it gladly on other social media. You are getting Flagged by REAL people who like Trump. I’m actually surprised that CL isn’t banning those people instead of you.

  2. I get really ticked off when trying to post in the personals under “Men looking for women”. I’m not posting nude pics like a lot of guys do and I’m not asking for sex. I’m ligitimately looking for a woman my age or close (70) that would like to date and have a relationship. But who answers the post? Whores and women wanting me to go to their web sites. Or other women prostitutes wanting $$$ for sex. Craigslist is not only CrimeList as stated above but its also SexList and DebaucheryList. Not a decent site AT ALL to find a decent soul mate.

  3. wtgdh says:

    Oh BTW, we should all start talking about CL on social media twitter and FB in particular and refer to it as CrimeLIst. Keep it up until they stop their shit. In fact tell them you are doing that. Tell stories about your bad experiences, like the time I hired a nmaid that stole everyu thing she could get her hands on that I hired off of CrimeList. You know what bugs me, they charge $25 for one ad for help wanted but only in some cities. Nice way to put it to the small business.

  4. wtgdh says:

    I posted a warning that was titled “This is why we don’t post ‘Free to a Good Home’ listings for animals” and it was flagged and removed. The post was an article about a guy that was arrested for getting animals off of CrimeList and torturing them. That was the last post I made since Ausgust until a few days ago. Now I keep getting harrassed for every post I make I have to have a phone number to post. What the hell is that shit all about? Does CraigsList get mad if more than one person at the same residence is using CL? I do not get why this is such a problem with them all of a sudden. Is anyone else having thois problem? Does having an account help stop it? Why does one person doing nothing, bother them when they have “rules” that others never abide by. I will be looking for say pavers for sale and I will find 100’s of spamming ads for services to install pavers and all sorts of other unrelated services in the category that I searched in and don’t get me started on the mattress guys posting hundreds of times in the FSBO furniture.

    So do they get mad if we flag the spammers? Even though they say to do that?

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