Craigslist is full of Hypocrites!

I don’t say that lightly, I mean it! Craigslist is really forceful when it comes to talking about freedom of speech and net neutrality. They believe the web should be free for all to use as they wish and that no government agency or anyone else should stand in the way of that. What they REALLY mean is that there should be freedom of speech and net neutrality for THEM. That no governmental agency or big business interest should get involved in or restrict trade or speech on the web as long as it’s convenient for Craigslist.

I have made reference on my other posts here that it has never been easy to keep my pages up since Craigslist is a big behemoth that constantly gives me problems. Well I write this page so you are all aware of just what type of organization Craigslist really is. They have stepped up their attacks on me and that is why at times you may see my main web site go down. Doesn’t mean that my information is permanently gone. It just means that Craigslist bullied my current web host into shutting down my site. This all means that the information that I give you, while some may scoff at it, is REALLY ANNOYING the heck out of Craigslist. If you think the information listed here and at my main web site is silly nonsense, think again. If it was, then why would Craigslist CONSTANTLY keep trying to take me down. It is because the information that I pass on to you has some major truth and relevance. My site has been listed as #1 on Google and Yahoo searches for Craigslist information and that’s without me putting forth any effort to advertise it. It is unfortunate that many web hosts are a bunch of cowards and take down my site claiming it is spam. Spam, really? I don’t solicit anything from anyone. I don’t send out emails to anyone. I don’t post false information. I don’t encourage hatred or violence towards anyone or anything. So speaking the truth is now considered SPAM? How easily the weak fold to the pressure. Freedom of speech is always under attack in this world. Freedom of speech is not to be guaranteed only when it’s convenient for you. It is most precious when you protect the freedom of speech of those who say things that annoy the heck out of you. Lesson to be had for Craigslist is that the more they try to take me down, the more I pop up some place else within a few days. If you ever see my main site down, don’t worry! It will return shortly.

I must give kudos and a big thumbs up to the people here at WordPress. They may like or dislike what I am saying but they have maintained my information here and have not buckled to the pressures of Craigslist. Kudos WordPress since it is obvious that you REALLY do believe in freedom of speech and press. This is what I would call a professional web site!

So carry on my friends and speak the truth and uncover the ugliness in the world around us. I focus on Craigslist and other may focus on other problems. If we do not uncover the ugly underbelly of the unscrupulous characters around us who will? The beauty of the web is that you can propagate the truth more easily than ever before, and more people can hear it.

6 Responses to Craigslist is full of Hypocrites!

  1. Victoria says:

    Thank you for running this site. Craigslist sucks. I try to post and my posts get deleted with no explanation. Very frustrating. I look in the forums for help and see a bunch of power-hungry kids harassing others. Very disappointing.

  2. Oh i see it all about seeing a dream with ideal assumptions but in practice things are not ideal as thought by craiglist founder.

  3. Why Craig Newman created such a messy and troublesome website?

    • That’s a very good question. I guess like everything, he had an inspiration to help people sell their stuff on a local basis with minimal costs. It was and remains a good idea, the implementation is the problem. The problem is that they have become drunk with power and refuse to make any improvements to the site. They can’t see the forest for the trees. When anyone becomes too high and mighty, they loose touch with what got them there to begin with. Go to my website at and I have an outside article listed which explains how this very same problem is causing Craigslist to slowly die.

  4. vinknerhiram says:

    Boy, I sure hope you’re still posting this stuff. I thought I was the only person in the world who hated Craigslist. I had a feeling they were a bunch of cowards and sneaks. Apparently it’s perfectly fine with them if you’re a crook or a killer, but God help you if you try to post an a legitimate ad.

    • You bet I’m still here. As long as there is a need for flushing out the truth I will continue to do so. Thank you for your interest and I am always glad to hear any suggestions from my readers.

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