Selling Illegal Drugs on Craigslist

It’s amazing to me how many people in this world use drugs. Yes, I am one of the few that has never used drugs and can easily point the finger at those that do. I find that there are so many more things to do in this world than get high, that it just is incomprehensible to me why anyone would get high, or stoned. Some of the stuff I have heard about drugs just boggles my mind. The other day I was listening to this woman talking about when she got high she suddenly saw her lunch (a burrito) sprout legs and arms and try to attack her. That gives a whole new meaning to Mexican food being hard to stomach!

It’s no surprise that drugs would wind up on Craigslist. In some cases it is disguised and in some cases the individual doing the selling was obviously consuming the merchandise. In a recent article the Associated Press reported that a Stamford Connecticut man advertised on Craigslist selling Marijuana. Police said that Steven Zahorsky, age 24 posted for “Mary Jane in Fairfield County”. In the ad the man offered a half ounce of “A” grade marijuana for $220. He also offered “B” grade marijuana for $160. (Sounds like a real bargain.)

The police spotted the ad (like it was really well hidden) and responded posing as a painting crew wanting to buy some drugs to get high during their break. (The moron Zahorsky actually fell for this.)

Zahorsky allegedly agreed to sell three quarters of an ounce of marijuana to the undercover police officers when he met with them at a rest stop on interstate 95. He agreed to meet them at a McDonalds to complete the transaction. (Sounds like a perfect place since I understand you get the munchies after you get high.)

Zahorsky allegedly met with the police officers and took $320 in cash in exchange for the marijuana. (Not bad for a few minutes work, or lack of work. Who says crime doesn’t pay?)

(Obviously this guy when the cops slapped the cuffs on him.) As is to be expected Zahorsky said he was at McDonalds to eat and had no idea why the officers were arresting him. (Like I never saw that bag of grass before in my life dude.) The police found the $320 on Zahorsky, and the undercover officers number on his cell phone. To make matters worse, when the police arrived at Zahorsky’s apartment they found three bags of marijuana, one bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms, along with a shotgun, ammunition and a digital scale. (Like I’ve been framed dude, I never saw none of that stuff till right now.) Zahorsky was charged with several drug charges and released on $10,000 bail. He is due back in Stamford Superior court on Feb 13. (I’m sure he’ll be there as the up standing citizen he is. On the other hand he probably already vacated his apartment and is selling drugs in another state.) On a personal note I just want to say to Zahorsky, in case you are reading this blog, I believe you man, the cops were definitely just picking on you. (Yeah right!)

The moral of the story is “Don’t be stupid enough to post a public ad on Craigslist or any other advertising media trying to sell illegal drugs.” Drug dealers have to stay in the shadowy underbelly of society or risk being squashed like the roaches that they are under the big foot of law enforcement agencies.

Don’t do drugs, get a life!

43 Responses to Drugs

  1. Stephanie Garcia says:

    I LOVED this! Sounds to me like this guy could benefit from some adult supervision vis a vis prison. Doesn’t seem smart enough to be out there in this big, bad world all by himself.

    You made my DAY!

  2. Its ur choice the SMRT choice would not to do any just jump on that h train spend your days sking I’m thinking about looking up resorts tonight not to live but vacation. Any ideas

  3. I use to buy tons of hookers on Craigslist, not shocked that people are selling and coping drugs off that site now, just surprised folks are getting away with it.Hookers were not legal but for the most part cops left them alone or even tipped them off in exchange for some head but drugs is a whole other monster, I can see “weed”who gives a shit about weed but I know a girl who bought a Huge bag of pills a few years ago and the whole processes went smootly

  4. why are you acting all high and mighty? do you watch porn? do you consume Caffeine? do you Masturbate? do you like to live? all those I name are addictions to someone some where. but doesn’t make those people bad people. Marijuana has NEVER killed anybody by consuming it. Marijuana believe it or not has been proven to drastically reduce Seizures in people who have Epilepsy. the ONLY reason the Government banned it to begin with is because (and you can research it to see I’m right) some guy who worked for the Newly Formed FBI needed a way to keep his Job so he decided to say that Marijuana was a Dangerous drug. in the 40’s Hemp was Legalized again for Farmers to grow for the Military to use as rope etc. in the 30’s Marijuana was Legal for consumption with a license/permit. in the 70’s Nixon decided to make Marijuana Illegal. now tell me something. Why would Nixon do something like that? remember hearing about watergate? I’m to young to have been there hell I’m only 27 but the Watergate Scandal was a big deal back then. Nixon had to make America Focus on something like Criminalizing Marijuana in order to keep doing his Illegal activity. Marijuana was only made Illegal to keep Eyes off of Nixons Illegal activities and is only kept illegal to keep the Alcohol and Tobacco businesses and the Pharmaceutical Businesses the biggest and most powerful consumer products in America. if you take Tylenol you’re risking overdosing or thinning your blood. if you drink Alcohol you risk Liver Failure. if you smoke or dip you risk gum disease and lung cancer etc. if you smoke a Joint you risk eating to much food and being to happy. there is only one Negative Side effect to Marijuana and that is Bronchial Infection from the smoke. but if you smoke from a Vaporizer that risk is gone. so you have no leg to stand on. you should do real research before you post some ignorant Idiotic article such as this.

    • craigslist says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA I love the way you MaryJane loonies get all hyped up whenever someone says anything against your favorite drug. I can just imagine you getting all red faced and bloated typing your response. I can imagine the steam building above your head as you are almost ready to explode. Dude you are wayyyyy too young and know nothing about anything. I love the way you blame Nixon yet all you do in your response is divert attention from the real issue onto other things that have nothing to do with the subject matter (Much like you say Nixon did). Let me inform you a bit. Nixon did not do anything wrong. It was all blown out of proportion because that was a different America back then and the Liberals hated the Republicans much as they do today. Nixon was busted for spying on the election strategies of his Democratic opponent (like they don’t do that today?). Now is that really a crime? Then he was foolish enough to record his conversations and refuse to turn it over to a democratically controlled congress that then started a witch hunt. Let me see…..is that worse than Clinton having an affair in the White House and lying about it then admitting it and then saying it was only his personal matter and not anybodies business? Was that worse than Obama lying to the entire nation about his budget and Obama Care which we now all know is a gigantic fraud? Also, recent studies have show that MaryJane kills brain cells ten times more than ever anticipated. Yes, a recent study done in the UK shows that banning MJ is a good idea because after studying people for many years they found that they actually got dummer as time passed and they continued to consume it. So you are the one that should do some research, or maybe take of the blinder. Or is it simply that you do not wish to see the facts? Anyway, just settle down and have yourself another doobie. I’m sure the cops wont trace this IP and find out where you live or anything like that. Oh, is that paranoia I see setting in? πŸ˜‰

      • You seem to not have much of a clue, Nixon got caught because he knew they broke in and tried to plant bugs, and tried to cover it up, end of story. I can see why you would love to have more people not covered by insurance sounds like a great idea, what ever. And as for the study you quote from the UK, it was a puff piece and they have no and I mean no evidence to support their claim other than one person that was tested 19 years before it was published and then again 1 year before, that is not evidence thats one guy that is not as smart, could have been sick, got hit in the head in a car wreck 5 years ago. The facts are there is a huge amount of real scientific data that shows the medical use of cannabis has great effects for many sick people, and has saved many lives some of them as young as 4, this is easy to find and there is plenty of proof, unlike your study that has one bias author whom you seem to agree with.

      • craigslist says:

        It never ceases to amaze me how you Pot Heads ALWAYS claim that everyone else is wrong about everything. All facts are false, at studies are twisted, all of everything is just twisted and misguided and everyone is wrong except for … wait for it…..YOU! Nope, sorry boys. stop living in your drug induced haze and you grow up. Not everyone needs or wants drugs. There are a few of us out here with a back bone and a strong enough moral compass that DO NOT need any mind altering substance of any type. Don’t give me any crap about coffee or candy giving you some sort of high because that is just tripe that you people like to throw out there to confuse the issue. If I was 15 years old you might confuse me but I have been on this planet probably longer than most of you and have lived more and been quite happy without ANY drugs or any sort (yes that includes booze). The only people that get angry and throw a tirade and leave all sorts of insulting, stupid arguments here (most of which I delete) and you pot heads. You have berated people long enough and enough state governments are changing laws to accommodate you. Well, enjoy yourselves. Go into you dark, dreary, convoluted drug induced haze of a world (because you obviously are to afraid and cannot handle reality) and lets see how many job related or driving or whatever sort of accidents happen because more people are high as a kite out there because “Hey, it’s legal to get high now”. Yeah, right! regardless of what you all say there is one consistent and immutable fact in this world, and that is that no matter what you say, “I DON’T Give a rats behind about it!”. Hope that clarifies it for you. If not, reread that last line in bold.

      • Sherry Asberry says:

        I like u!!!

    • john Weston says:

      Hes just a die hard consevative whos on an island of very few. Pray for him : ) I have had chronic backpain on and off throughout my 48 years on the manual labor work force. Lately the pain has been so unbearable that Iv actually considered looking for vicadin right out in the open on Craigs list….. God Bless you, Merry Christmas… John

      • craigslist says:

        Sorry to hear about your back pain John. I have several pains that come and go but I don’t believe in taking any medication for them, specially any mind altering meds. I think pain is just a part of life. A sucky part, but a part nonetheless.

  5. Genesis 1:29….And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food:

    • Fascinating. I love when people invoke God in some way. So does that mean that God also said to eat the poisonous herbs and seeds that he placed on this planet? If that is the case then feel free to do so. That is called “Thinning the herd”. Are you mindless sheep that follow what is written in a book from a thousand years ago when people knew very little? Please, come up with something better.

  6. End criminal prohibition of all substances and change civil punishments and scheduling based on potential harm (alcohol higher than pot, lsd, lower than heroin, meth- just use scientific reasoning). End the unjust denial of cognitive liberty. Human beings have attempted to achieve altered states via plant entheogens for as long as we’ve kept a history and will continue to do so.

    • Why Alcohol higher than pot? They both impair you about the same I think and I believe on joint gets you higher faster than one beer. I agree humans will always try to get high.

      • Jimbo Slice says:

        I think because of the damage alcohol does to your body compared to marijuana. And alcohol also has a higher social cost: Domestic Violence, hospitalization (liver damage, heart disease), deaths caused by DUI. Marijuana doesn’t have the same health or social costs. And while there is not as much data on DUI’s from Marijuana, Colorado’s DUI rates have decreased this year. Its too early for that to be statistically significant, but as we gather more data, civil punishments can be adjusted.

      • Interesting, and well thought out argument.

  7. It amazes me how this topic has received attention for many years. With that said I find it fair to state there is no other reason anyone does drugs besides to escape the harsh realities of life. In today’s standards you can’t be happy unless you have everything. I’ve dabbled in marketing and it’s cruelly geared to making you feel you need something and making you want something. Many of us can never achieve such satisfaction of having a mansion with fancy cars and abundant bank accounts. Society is geared to make you feel like a failure for not achieving such things. But in the occasional moments where mind altering substances make you feel complete and whole is where many people find true happiness. And in those moments ture happiness and peace is achieved. In those moments social status doesn’t matter. You truly feel at peace with the world. Sometimes the only way for some people to achieve such gratuity is with mind altering substances.

    • Stephanie Garcia says:

      As a matter of fact, studies have shown that once a person’s basic human needs have been met (food, shelter, and love), her or his chances of being content are identical.

      I believe that folks use mind-altering substances to achieve an altered mind. Why? Because apparently they would like to feel different than they feel, duh. But why do they want to feel different? Well, that can only be because they don’t LIKE the way they feel at the time they decide to imbibe.

      I am all for legalization of drugs. Not just marijuana, either. I think that it is a human right to be able to ingest whatever you want to ingest. If that were the state of things, we could then enforce harsher punishments on those who are incapable of using them responsibly, in such a manner that those of us who DON’T abuse drugs aren’t the ones having to pay for these abusers’ crimes. The economic cost is high, certainly, but

      We shouldn’t have to worry about being robbed when we are out and about, or having our homes burglarized. We shouldn’t have to worry about our teenagers getting killed in a car accident caused by someone too fucked up to know better than to get behind the wheel.

      That you believe the only way “some people” [read: you] can achieve “gratuity” (I think you mean joy, cuz “gratuity” is that 20% you [read: tu] add to your restaurant bill as a thank-you to the server) is just so sad. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, but I’ve always been joyful. In fact, I find the greatest joy in bringing freshly baked chocolate chip cookies–with pecans!–to my deeply depressed neighbor ($3.00). Or taking my little doggies on a walk on a rainy day ($ 0.00). Or reading a good book ($ 0.00). Or cleaning my friend’s house so that when she gets home from the hospital she has fresh sheets and that lovely clean-house smell when she gets home ($ 0.00, unless you count the Pine-Sol and Comet I bring from my house).

      So maybe–and this is just a suggestion–you should try for a different kind of “gratuity.”

  8. Dave Willis says:

    smoking pot is for looser like carl sagan, bill gates, brad pitt, tom brokaw, micheal phelps, jennifer aniston, morgan freeman, david letterman, johnny depp, stven king, james franco, steve jobs, steven gould, Sigmund Freud, Timothy Leary, yeah your right like you said only loosers smoke pot. none of these people have done anything with thier lives!

    • I love the way people like you always bring up a few people that did OK in life as prime examples to prove your point, Yes, of course, but you fail to mention that maybe these people did it only a few times. Maybe these people had self control and did it in moderation. (I am also taking your argument at face value since I have no real evidence that these people actually did what you accuse them of). You also fail to mention the thousands of people whose lives are destroyed by drugs. People like you that make these arguments are as reprehensible as the drug companies that say “Sure, maybe only a few thousand are hurt by the side effects, but look at these 10 people over here that benefited from this drug.” It’s a ridiculous argument. People should get high one experiencing life. Escapism is just that. You are escaping reality because you can’t handle it. Life is hard, Deal with it, Don’t try to escape it!

      • Dude, why do you think you watch TV, play video games, read books, etc. All of those things are ways of escaping reality. Most people, probably all people, would go crazy if they didn’t have a way of getting away from things in between dealing with them. The litmus test for whether drug use is hurting you is whether you continue to function as well in society as you did when you weren’t using. Some people can’t do drugs and still lead a healthy productive life, but some can. I know I can’t prove to you that what I’m about to say is true, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway: I’ve been smoking pot moderately for about two years. I did research to get an idea of how much was detrimental in the long term (and was always pretty conservative with it), I stop smoking for a few weeks every once and a while, and I don’t smoke when I need to be sober (driving, taking exams, etc.). I just finished my freshman year of college with straight A’s (except for a B+ in vector calculus; I was on my schools debate team and helped them host the national debate tournament; and I’ve maintained all my relationships with friends and family that I had before I started smoking (plus I made a lot of new friends). I really don’t care what you do (since I have many friends who don’t smoke and probably never will), but you need to educate yourself before you start making sweeping generalizations about people you’ve never met.

      • Dude, I’m happy for you. It’s good that you can use it as a recreation and not have it take over your life. Unfortunately many if not most are not like you. It also goes for drinking and smoking (cigarettes). The majority of the human race is prone to vises and they are too weak to fight them off or moderate them. The people that can do it then I am happy for you. When I make sweeping statements it is a generalization to hopefully help the folks who might not be able to be in as much control as you are. I for one do not know if I would succumb to the drug or be able to control its effect like you do, so I prefer never to try.

      • Stephanie Garcia says:

        Wish I’d read your comment before I wrote mine, because you said it much better than me. Kudos!

    • Avery Davis says:

      It is “loser”, not “looser”.

  9. maximus929 says:

    You might not be the biggest hypocrite on the web. Maybe.

    You think you’re so superior to everyone else because “You have never used drugs.” Get a life. I mean a real life – not the one you have now where you go around judging the entire world.

    No. I don’t use drugs. I hate hypocrites.

    • Hypocrites are people who say one thing and do another. I am not that. I say one thing and I stand behind it and follow through with it. Judging is something that all humans do. It is part of human nature. It is absurd to say that one should not judge. I have always hated that phrase. So we should go through life blindly and not know anything until after the fact? “Gee, I guess I wont judge, so I guess that guy with the gun will not do me any harm since I cant judge him as a criminal.” As a matter of fact you have already judged me as one of the biggest hypocrites with no basis whatsoever since I already explained at the beginning of this reply what a hypocrite is and how I am not. So why am I having to defend myself? Oh, yea because you judged me! Dude, if you are going to make an argument at least don’t get yourself caught up in the flaws of your own argument. Anyway, no harm no foul, I am not offended by what you said. I enjoy a good argument, specially one that at least is not full of insults. I don’t even bother responding to those since their intelligence is so beneath me it hurts thinking down to that level. πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon this article, but I wanted to quickly point out some things I find interesting. I think the authors overall (paraphrased) point of, “don’t be stupid with your drug use” is an easy one to swallow. Selling drugs on the internet is a risk people should not be willing to take. (but hey people are stupid, whatever)

    While thats fine, I think this article confuses the notion of “Drug USE” with “Drug ABUSE”. Although they sound similar these two concepts are widely different. Much of confusion is a result of a lack of understanding of the biology of the typical substance abuser. (notice the word choice- i.e. not “user”). Its been found that individuals who try and go on to ABUSE drugs have less dopamine receptors (the main neurotransmitter associated with feeling good during drug use) in their brain than the many more individuals who try the same drug but do not become an “addict.”A “dirty little secret” of drug research is that the majority of people who try drugs do not go on to become addicted to them. Even more surprising is a small minority of try them and do not feel a positive feeling at all (due to excess dopamine receptors)

    I wish on a whole, we taught correct information about drugs and didn’t use judgmental scare tactics like this article. The truth is there is a POSSIBILITY that one could use a drug like cocaine and you will feel the best you’ve ever felt and become addicted. More likely, it will make you feel good, but no more so than any other thing that makes you feel good (e.g. a success of some kind, helping someone else, doing an activity you enjoy, exercise). Less likely (but not impossible remember) is the notion you won’t enjoy the feeling at all.

  11. Jeff Kullens says:

    This is so true, weed smoking is destroying our society. Check out my anti drug facebbok page. We got alot of stories like this there. God bless and stay away from the devil’s lettuce. https://www.facebook.com/ST0PSM0KINGWEED

  12. I agree with what you said about people should be free to disagree and that’s actually a good thing to be able to do. But id argue if anyone would make changes to the constitution it would be the far right religious politicians in this country. Bush tried to on more than one occasion.

  13. Ken Morrison says:


  14. T. Stevens says:

    I just found an ad on craigslist today. Some POT-HEAD LOSER is selling his medical marijuana.
    Prostitution, Child prostitution, People getting robbed & attacked and now Drugs. Is Craigslist really all that great? … uh, NO!
    Anyone that smokes pot is a loser and it’s just an excuse to find a legal way to ‘get high”.
    There are other natural ways to relieve pain & stress.
    I fell 45 feet onto concrete, exploding both ankles, destroying my back & hurting my neck. Chronic arthritis, Back pain, Neck pain with bone spurs & degenerative discs and a 2″ round gallstone for 10 years I was in constant & chronic pain… I never used that crack-head excuse “but I need it to cope”.
    The most I’ve taken for my ongoing chronic pain is Ibuprofen. A little acupuncture, Chiropractic, stretching and vitamins and I only feel a little pain now.
    Get over it all you pot-heads & drug loving idiots.Yea, I agree…GET A LIFE!

    • Anyone who smokes Pot is a loser? It makes me sick we live amongst such judgemental, ignorant people still in 2012. Why can’t you live the way you want to and let other adults live the way they want to and do what they want? You fell 45 feet onto concrete and didn’t have to smoke pot? what do you want a medal? You should shut the hell up and let others do whatever they want. You sound completely brainwashed by the government on your stance on pot anyway. I think maybe you watched reefer madness one too many times. Pot is not a drug, it’s harmless and the American government lied and used propaganda in order to make it illegal for many reasons. Did you know hemp used to be legal tender in America? educate yourself, don’t belittle people for smoking pot!

      • The problem I have with your statement, as with so many others posted is that you say “You should shut the hell up and let others do whatever they want.” Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Do the freedoms of this country only apply to you who choose to smoke pot? NO! Freedom of speech, religion, expression, and all the others apply to everyone. So neither him, nor any other person here who wants to take the position that smoking pot is bad, has to shut up or submit to your will or opinion. You choose to smoke it, great. We choose to say you are losers for doing so, equally great. That is what this country is based on. If not, then we simply become just like the Muslims destroying embassies and killing innocent people because they have a different opinion. I may not agree with your opinion, but I believe you are entitled to it. You may not agree with the rest of the people on the other side, but too darned bad, we are still entitled to our opinion also. So far the far left has not been able to change that part of the Constitution.

  15. “Don’t do drugs, get a life!”

    That’s rather judgmental and cruel. It’s great that you chose to live a sober life, but many of us do enjoy to drink/smoke/whatever. As long as people are responsible I see no harm. People will use drugs regardless of your preaching, their availability, and their legal status. I feel it’s best to instead encourage knowledge. It’s like preaching abstinence instead of safe sex, IMHO.

    • I find it really interesting how people get so defensive about that last line. You obviously didn’t read very clearly what has been said in this thread. I am not preaching or judgmental. I am not forcing anyone to lead a drug free life. How you lead your life is your choice and I realize adults can do as they wish. My line about “getting a life” is mostly oriented towards younger readers that can be easily swayed by the “Dark Side” of life. Drugs and alcohol have the propensity to get young, innocent minds into trouble. If you are over 18, you are legally free to do as you wish and take the consequences that the authorities wish to impose. I’m not a cop, judge, politician or religious leader, so I will have little or no role in your life, but I think it is wise for older people to allow younger people to see that life is not all roses and lollypops. Many of the problems we face today are because people tend to whitewash matters.

  16. Alex Rone says:

    I don’t like your false logic. You can have a life and do drugs, they aren’t mutually exclusive

    • I’ll have to take your word for it, but I prefer my reality to be unaltered by any foreign substance. Also, remember when you encourage drug use, it can lead to abuse by those that do not have the ability to control it. Drugs, just like alcohol and smoking (neither of which I condone or encourage) can easily slip from use to abuse.

    • You’re totally right. The politics behind why Marijuana was made illegal is very interesting. I encourage anyone to look into that. It was a political move on behalf of the tobacco farmers dressed up in the guise of “Mexican men will get high and rape white women”. I literally learned this at my conservative Texas university.

  17. Except for in cases where addiction is involved, drugs, responsibly used, are fine.

  18. waterbabyontheeastcoast says:

    And don’t forget the pit bull(s) that probably got donated to the SPCA.

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