Is Craigslist Ghosting and Flagging having a Bad effect?

After all the information that has been disseminated over the years about Ghosting on Craigslist and Flagging on Craigslist, do you think things are getting better or worse? I have created this poll because I would really enjoy knowing what people think. From that small town, friendly type upstart company where you could sell just about anything in a friendly fashion, to a behemoth of the internet plagued with bad news, scams, murders, ripp offs and all sorts of unsavory characters using Craigslist to exploit readers, are the days of Craigslist numbered?Is the staff at Craigslist really making any improvements to try and get back to their honest beginnings in your opinions or does it just keep getting worse?

If you need more information before answering this poll you can read through some of my other posts or read a more extensive explanation of the problems with Craigslist at and then you can post your comments and opinions here if you like.


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