The Craigslist Community – A Bunch of Crazies!

The Craigslist so called community behaves more like a pack of rabid animals than a community. With communities like this, who needs enemies? Let me clarify something, when I say the ‘community’, I’m not referring to the average person who posts a product or service and does nothing more than that. When I say ‘Craigslist community’, I’m referring to the crazy people that behave as if they were Craig Newmark, or as if they owned Craigslist. The brown nosing loonies that go overboard in their attachment to a person, place or thing. Unfortunately there are crazy fans of everything in this world, but they are treated as crazies. Craigslist on the other hand gives these crazies more power than they should have. By allowing the community to flag anything that they find objectionable, people get a rush of power and abuse this privilege. They begin to think they are a part of something special and they get an unnatural attachment to it. To make matters worse, instead of Craigslist having some sort of review or control over this, they don’t. Posts that are flagged, and get deleted without any staff revue.

This leads to a bunch of crazies running around flagging posts that have absolutely nothing wrong or objectionable about them. The Craigslist staff argues in their Q&A section that the flagging system is a necessary feature because they don’t have the manpower to check each and every post for abuse. Sorry, but that just doesn’t wash as far as I’m concerned. They certainly seem to have enough time on their hands to single out certain posts to be prevented from appearing when they want to, but they don’t for other things. Read the section about ‘Ghosting’ to find out more. The community doesn’t seem to have any problems with prostitutes and scammers posting on Craigslist, but if you make a post like “Cheapest prices in town!” you’ll get flagged because someone thinks that is not the right thing to say.

I give you that last comment from real life experience. I used to post a service on Craigslist and I used to post in my ads that I guaranteed the lowest prices. I actually had my posts flagged and had angry members of the community insult me because I was supposedly making the rest of the advertisers in my field look like cheats for charging too much. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? It doesn’t seem to exist on Craigslist. I complained to the Craigslist staff about my posts being flagged inappropriately and got only cryptic responses. In other words they just didn’t give a rats behind.

I’m sure you have already guessed about the next huge problem with flagging abuse and no oversight. Aside from the loonies, there are the smart folks out there that want to corner the market in what they are advertising for. In other words, lets say you are a tree trimmer on Tucson Arizona. Maybe there aren’t many trees around in the dessert so you want to make certain you get as much of the Craigslist business as possible. What do you do? You simply start flagging down all your competitors. It’s as easy as that. If you want to corner your market, you start flagging every body else and your posts will be the only ones that appear. There are hundreds of complaints about this in the support forums, but no one want to hear about it. They all get red numbers next to their posts basically telling them to stop complaining. I know that Craigslist claims it’s not that easy to flag posts. Don’t you believe it. I have seen posts disappear in under 5 minutes. If it was hard it wouldn’t happen that quickly.

10 Responses to Community

  1. tammy says:

    I want to rent a beach place from Craig’s list how can I tell if it is legur

    • craigslist says:

      Check the place out, get references, check on the web the rental address to see if any bad reports come up, check with the city to see if it is allowed to be rented and who the owner is, and I’m sure you can come up with many more ideas but this is a good start.

  2. We’re looking at a society (like Rome) that is destroying itself from within. Just look at all the hype over the elections and police brutality and hardly any news at all about the suffering and and murders going on against those who propose Christian values and children being used for sex.
    Like – who cares about them.
    There isn’t any fame or fortune or sex to be benefited so ignore our cultures foundation while it crumbles into oblivion.
    Is anybody Listening????

    • craigslist says:

      You have an interesting perspective, one which most people would not see but I don’t see how this relates to Craigslist? Either way, I think you make a valid point so I will let it stand.

  3. I recently have come to the same conclusions, sadly. I really liked Craigslist. To put my own ads in as well as search things. I liked it a lot. I too, have been flagged for no apparent reason that I can see. I gave up on making ads. Answering ads that I reply to, particularly in the dating/looking for fun sections these days leads to tons of spam in my email box . All bots & no real people. It makes me sad that Craigslist has turned into this.

  4. Pandora VIP says:

    There is no accountability. And they are too big of an organization for there not to be and for it to be “community patrolled.”

    Facebook started that way and realized the error of their ways. Google started that and realized the error of their ways. You would think that CL would pull themselves into the 21st century and realize that they are running themselves into the ground in this fashion.

  5. Its not just the “community” that flags the postings, i will get into that in a second.

    I am currently experiencing CL staff that do not like postings, and do not choose to let it go through. I had 2 last night happen. No matter what legit purpose someone is posting for, the post may not show up at all. I noticed on both posts last night, i got no replies at all, which is odd, because of the spambots trying to use tiny url or bitfly. I looked at my “passcode” email, as if to edit the post. I saw it was not the normal green color, but was pink and said “flagged for removal.” I usedto get emails on such. I know they send those still, because what I was looking for romantically, did not match a few readers’ likes or wants.

    It is my theory that CL staff flag and do not send the email.

    I am not a fan of craigslist at all…. But seems to be the most successful (if you can call it a success, with the games and drama readers and flaggers have), than any paid or unpaid sites or apps around.

    I think CL is just a joke. Just a matter of time before its gone for good. I am seeking alternatives, but so far nothing gets dates or even viewers.

    • craigslist says:

      You are absolutely correct. If the CL staff flag or ghost your posts you will NOT get any email warnings at all. Emails are only generated when the system takes down your posts automatically.

  6. waterbabyontheeastcoast says:

    It does seem to have gotten out of hand, doesn’t it.

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