Why don’t my posts show up on Craigslist?

For those of you not familiar with the changes that have taken place on Craigslist over the years, you may not be familiar with this term. ‘Ghosting’ is the term applied to when you make a post on Craigslist, and the system tells you that your post has been published but your post never appears on the front page of Craigslist. The system gives you a post ID and a URL and you can see your post if you put the post’s URL in your browser, but unfortunately no one else will be able to see it because it will never appear on the front page. Your post becomes like a ghost wandering the back halls of Craigslist aimlessly looking for someone to look at it, but no one can see it. It’s a sneaky way they found to get rid of people they don’t want posting on Craigslist. So how do you keep your posts free from ghosting? Keep reading!

Before ghosting, every post you made would show up on the front page of Craigslist. Every time your post was flagged you would get a courtesy email telling you that they were sorry that your message got flagged. If your message was removed by the Craigslist staff, you would not get an email about it. Your post would simply disappear without any warning. People eventually got wise to what was happening and would keep an eye on their emails. Flagging became such a huge problem (and still is) that people would have to make multiple posts, or constantly check their emails just to keep their posts active. After a while Craigslist realized what was happening and instead of doing something productive or useful to solve the problem, they decided to so something sneaky and underhanded. They decided to just Ghost anybody that they had the slightest inkling would be trouble. Some of you might think this is perfectly fair. After all what’s wrong with getting rid of trouble makers? The problem is that this is applied indiscriminately to just about anyone. A 70 year old granny can make a post selling her delicious cookies and have her post ghosted for no reason at all. While a prostitute can make an elicit sexual offer and that post doesn’t get ghosted.

The staff at Craigslist operates with no rhyme or reason. Don’t bother trying to figure out why they do it, just accept that it will happen. Don’t bother asking them why your perfectly innocent post got ghosted because they will either not respond, or they will give you some BS answer about it has to do with bandwidth or some nonsense like that. They have ready made answers to pacify the gullible.

You can get on Craigslist any day of the week and you can find lots of spammers, people making multiple posts within the 48hour time period that the TOS says you have to allow between posts, and they don’t get ghosted. You go ahead and try making two posts in a row and you’ll be banned for life. No warnings, no review process, just BANNED!

Another way to get ghosted it to get flagged. Just like I discussed in another post, you can get fagged by a competitor just trying to beat out all the competition. So you get flagged, you MUST be a trouble maker, and EVERY post you make from that moment on will get ghosted.

So do we let Craigslist get away with this? Hell NO! I’ll tell you some tried and true methods I have found to get around their underhanded Nazi, fascist tactics. It will mean a bit of work, but for those of you that don’t like being pushed around and don’t appreciate some jerks in this world trampling all over your right to free speech, you’ll find it’s worth it.

First of all there are lots of free services on the internet, I suggest you use them. Free emails are especially useful. Get a free email account and use that to get your publishing email. There are many emails that self destruct after a few hours, use those. Don’t bother keeping an email account for too long or they’ll get wise to you.

If you advertise a phone number in your ad, use a cell phone. Many companies will allow you to change your number every so often. There are also disposable phone numbers that you can change frequently.

If you advertise a web site or have the post send customers to your website use free websites and change your address frequently. Use free domains, and use URL redirecting sites. That way you can have many different web addresses but they all go to the same place.

When you log in to make a post on Craigslist use a proxy server. Change your IP often. Change computers if you can. Clear all your cookies and Java script. Change the referrers in your browser to 1.

Keep checking on your posts and if they don’t show up you know you’ve been ghosted and it’s time to change any of the above. Change the name you use. Change the wording. Be creative. Copy what other people post.

You do all of these things and you will be able to keep posting on Craigslist and they will NEVER be able to ghost you. Every time one thing fails, move on to another. Keep them on their toes, and make them work at it. The problem is most people just give in, and that’s what they are counting on. If you all fight back, they won’t be able to play games like that with your posts. I’ll keep updating this information every time I learn something new.

I can tell you that I have been banned many times from Craigslist and I still am able to make posts there today by using these techniques. I wasn’t banned for being a trouble maker in the traditional sense of the word. I was banned because competitors didn’t like that I had lower prices than they did, and I was getting flagged. To make matters worse I actually wrote complaints to the Craigslist staff and to Craig Newmark himself. That pissed them off! So instead of helping me they banned me. Nice aren’t they! So I decided to share my secrets with everyone.

321 Responses to Ghosting

  1. I found a much easier way to deal with craigslist. Since last August I have been using a stack of laptops and unlimited hot spots to flag EVERYONE in my area(Portland, but as far north as Seattle and as far south as Salem). They way I see it, if I can’t post, why should anyone else be able to? If craigslist won’t moderate their website like grown-ups, I will do it for them.

  2. Jb says:

    Ok here’s a quick way to piss off the CL fag trolls, I had a room listed for rent, I had roughly 4 posts rotating like everyone else does, in the posts I put ” this is a LIBTARD FREE ZONE #MAGA” after I got fed up dealing with loosers and their entitlement and pet issues, not to mention the psychos (mostly women) BWAAAHAHAHA.. it took all of about an hour for the CL libtard trolls to start fagging me followed by a stiff one from the CL all my posts are ghosted after I repeatedly posted after their deleting.. I just think it’s funny as shit that these idiots think they can win the war..

  3. Dave says:

    Hello I have a quick question for anyone that can answer. I am looking for work and have been trying to post in the resumes section. I am out of town right now. Whenever I post my post automatically is being flagged. I am guessing it is because I am over 1000 miles away from where I am posting. My post is legit, if I find work I will return home right away.. So how do I post in my home city when I am on vacation many miles away. My post is 100% legit…. This is driving me crazy. Any help would be much appreciated. I really like craigslist but this is frustrating.

    • Craigslist says:

      You are correct, Craigslist is Flagging your post because you are posting it from out of the area. The thing to do is either wait till you get back home to make your post or have someone you know back home make the post for you. If this is a one time thing, and legit as you say, then you don’t need to set up anything elaborate to make this one post.

  4. anonymous@anonymous,org says:

    Ever time the COWARDS hiding behind their computers with nothing more to do but flag the legit ones, NOT the Defrauders trying to sell or rent your home,or anything thing or anyone they can prey upon, also Spammers,Hackers,Phishing,Ghosting,prostitutes,Child molesters and all the other BS..
    Back when Craig launched this a short time after, their was a case a child molester case, Craig refused to cooperate with the police until they threaten him in putting the pressure on him and eventually he gave in, hes a punk, and back in the day you could email him personally and get a response from him and i was on him like a cheap suit, lol
    They pull this BS to the people just trying to do whatever it is legally and just because it doesn’t re sell right away and people continue to post until they sell the item doesn’t make it right to flag them…
    Craigslist has only got worst with all the idiots…O’well

  5. dennis says:

    Craigslist used to be so cool to use ive had a truck on there for over two months and im not getting any calls im sick of the bullcrap games theze people are playing im done with craigs list and moving to a new site thats better kiss my butt craigslist you lost a paying customer you might not think its a big deal but u should there are alot of pissed off people that dont care for craigslist any more the scamers are taking over and you never stop them you only screw with the good people trying to make an honest living.I am sick and tired of this and im telling all my friends and business owners to do the same!!

  6. Tony says:

    The problem I have is when I post a car/truck, the little price box isn’t showing up till you click on the ad. This problem makes their (craigslist) price search not recognize my post even being there. I fixed it once before and was able to get the “price box” on the ad (the first part of the ad as you scroll all the ads), but I forgot how I did it. Now I’m trying to sell a 2nd vehicle and running into the same problem. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    • Craigslist says:

      I have not come across this problem before. I would suggest that you make sure you have the latest version of your browser. Many sites now, including Craigslist are having display or log in issues because of the Security Certificates that they are implementing. It’s now the hot thing to use HTTPS. I know many times I load up Craigslist and I get a blank page because their security certificate failed. Also, you can circumvent this by adding your price into the title and/or body of the post. Their search also uses the body and title when doing searches. But I wouldn’t focus so much on price, but more on make and model. If you go too heavily off of price, you will probably get inquiries mostly from BOTS or scammers trying to rip you off.

  7. ky says:

    thank you I came across this by accident. it caught my attention. I never could figure out why I saw my posts but nobody else could. I will be using a new email for my next post.

    • Lyn says:

      Be sure u have a different IP when u use a new email, otherwise CL will be able to connect both to you and your new email will be dead fast.

  8. Marc Denton says:

    Can’t seem to find out why I’ve started getting “Truck for Sale” posts under my account. Then the ominous e-mail from “” saying I’ve “VIOLATED THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE.” They don’t tell me what I’ve done wrong and how to delete these false ads from my account…..HELP!

    • craigslist says:

      You can go into your account and delete all these ads, then change your password and see if this helps. You could also change your email and see if any of this stops the fake ads. If not you can contact Craigslist and see if they can help you possibly. If none of this helps, then close that account and start new.

      • hotbullfrog says:

        Yeah, tried that. There was no “DELETE” button visible. Renew, edit, repost…no “delete” button. And, yes, I did change my password right away once I determined there was a problem.



      • Craigslist says:

        In a case where there is no “DELETE” button, but you do have an “EDIT” button, then what you can do is change the post to read something neutral like “Already Sold” or “Duplicate post….Disregard!”, or something that wont hurt you. You basically eliminate whatever the offending post was, and it will eventually be deleted by the system.

      • hotbullfrog says:

        Thank you for the info. I will.



  9. George says:

    Tonight I wanted to post an ad, nothing illegal, just a companion ad. I have no active ads, the last time I posted was well over a month ago. Yet I received a message saying that my post is being blocked due to having too many active ads. This is not the case, and this has happened in the past randomly and without any reason. I really do not know what to make of this. I sometime notice obvious offenders of the TOS and these ads are not stopped. Recently another address of mine was banned due to violation of TOS, which is a crock, I reviewed their TOS and I am not in violation of anything. No customer service help, they not only banned my account, I cannot even get on their help site, I am apparently banned from asking what I did wrong. I found out after digging around and logging in from another address, apparently someone found my ad offensive. I posted that I was selling some music gear that I am no longer using, how is that offensive to anyone. I wanted to get this corrected but now they banned my second email, so once again I am banned for wanting answers.

    • craigslist says:

      Yes, Craigslist is currently going through a house cleaning of sorts. They are being ultra sensitive to some emails, some PVAs, and over posting. It may be a temporary thing, but for the time being, you can expect a lot of accounts will get banned. Also, as I have said before many times, you can forget about getting any help from Craigslist forums or support. They are simply not interested in helping anyone. Its sink or swim with them, and if you don’t know why you are sinking, well, that’s just too bad. That’s their philosophy, not mine.

  10. Frank Castle says:

    dude, i put on an assassin post to kill people, (everett, WA) it posted! but i cant find artists to help me draw my book. wtf!

    • craigslist says:

      Goes to prove exactly my point that the system is REALLY messed up! Maybe they thought it was merely a joke, but in this day and age after Columbine, most people would not take it as such.

  11. Shobanks says:

    Have been posting and get flaged it’s annoying. How can I beat CL???

  12. Steve Wonda says:

    I have a question for you, and thanks for being the best source I’ve seen yet for CL questions. Will CL ever contact you via email to tell you you’ll get banned if you continue? The email I received didn’t say continue doing what it just said this, “If you continue your account will be banned ……Craigslist team”. I post many items every day and have been for over 5 years now, nothing illegal EVER, just stuff like electronics, gaming stuff, collectables etc… And this was the address: craigslist reply ba2e

    Thanks for your time, and keep doing a superb job helping us out!

    • craigslist says:

      I have not come across this yet. Your case would be the first IF it is legitimate. They usually just ban or ghost people. Unless they have decided to become more user friendly, which is hard to believe. Not just knocking on CL, but EVERY internet company out there is just as bad in this respect. How many times have you gone to whatever service you use and find “Account Terminated for violation of terms of service”. Then you contact them and they give you a useless response “You violated terms of service”, Yea but what exactly did I do? “Violated the Terms of SERVICE!!!” That’s how that conversation usually goes. That email address that you posted doesn’t even look right. They would use either a legit sounding email like or use their anonymizer email. So this doesn’t sound right to me. If they didn’t specify exactly what you are doing wrong, then I would just ignore it because it will drive you crazy trying to chase random ideas of what it could possibly mean.

      • Steve Wonda says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. Don’t worry, it’s not going to drive me crazy. I’m thinking it’s probably just some CL troll who thinks my items for sale are to expensive. I sell a lot of vintage items that are worth good money these days, but of course some people think they’re worth nothing and like bringing the “hate” texts/emails when they could find much better things to do with their time. If I get blocked or banned soon I will let you know lol.

        Thanks again.

  13. Christine says:

    Here’s my issue: I am trying to sell an item (fish tank), post item in the proper section (community), but when I search from the home page of area, I never see it. If I search for it in the proper section, I do find it though. May not seem much of a big deal, but it does narrow my chances of selling an item tremendously in this case (who thinks to look in community for a fish tank when you can just search from the home page). Even before this I suspect I was flagged for some reason because I never seen my ads unless I used its ID. I changed my IP (my tech level is a bit better than beginner), cleared my browsing history, made a new account using a new email address on a different browser from a different email provider (all while chewing gum & patting my head at same time lol). Since then my above issue has arisen. Is there a better solution for future posting I can follow? Or better yet, what do I need to do/not do moving forward to keep from being flagged? I know there’s no fool proof method, but tips to keep issues minimal? Thanks for any help!

    • craigslist says:

      “Posts not showing up on Craigslist main page but can be found with post ID…” That is a classic sign of Ghosting. Your posts are being ghosted, no doubt about it. There are many things you can do going forward, some of which you have already done. Too many to enumerate on this reply. I suggest that you read through here plus go to my website and review all the free info there. If that is still not enough then watch the videos we have online that address this issue (links at my site), or join the Member’s Section for unlimited access to the videos.

      • Christine says:

        Thanks for the fast response first. And again for the advice. This will be tomorrows homework assignment, lol. If I have more question, you will definitely see me in the member section!

  14. Heidi Smith says:

    Could you help me.i have tried to post a vacation rental home for my father,and each time i do it,it gets flagged,i have even tried to use a different ISP and still the same,what can i do??

    • craigslist says:

      I am happy to help you and that is why I created this blog and take time to answer questions. Unfortunately your situation is better served by self-help. Your problem is too broad and open ended. There are too many variables and possibilities. I cannot dedicate hours to delving into your specific situation. The best thing to do is read through the comments and suggestions here and at my site ( and see what helps you work through your situation. Try different things until you are able to narrow down what the actual problem is. Posting on Craigslist is not as easy as it was a decade ago. Now it takes time, trouble and expertise. Educate yourself here and you should be able to post with ease given enough effort on your part.

  15. Margie says:

    Hi Help!

    Not only am I getting ghosted, but I am technology stupid too. So far behind on the technology lingo (ei…what is a proxy server? Java scripted?) .
    All I want to do is post some pups who need homes, but apparently I broke some rules; posting in multiple cities quickly (I travel between Dallas and Austin, often) and copying and pasting my ads.

    I realize the young might think, I should be dead already, but can someone help?

    Oh, I also tried posting 1 ad (Dallas) and 1 ad (Austin) right after each other.

    Let me tell you what I got so it might help you, help me…
    Cell phone……live in the middle of nowhere
    Laptop… home Internet, except on phone, but can Hotspot

    A few email addresses

    Thank you for any help getting my puppies posted.


    • craigslist says:

      Actually, I don’t even need to discuss all the usual ghosting stuff in your situation. You see, you have a special case. When you say pups, I take it to mean “Puppies” as in “dogs” (I have heard people call tree saplings, “pups”, so I am not being facetious). On Craigslist, if you try to sell, Dogs or Cats, you will INSTANTLY get Ghosted or Flagged or Banned. It is NOT allowed, and there are Fanatical groups that go around ferociously flagging people that try to post ads for selling animals. I would say to avoid all that and simply DO NOT try to sell animals on Craigslist. Maybe, Possibly you can try the FREE section, and see if that may just get in under the radar.

    • Lyn says:

      A few questions…
      Do you know if craigslist can track a phone ID number (like the IMEI number, etc) or only an ISP number?

      Is it better to delete a post and simply repost or Start a brand new one from scratch? Have wondered if previous flags stay with a post when you delete and simply repost from the same ad thread. I like to delete and repost by 10-14 days, so the listing doesn’t look too old.

      I have a waaaaay old, like 4, 5 or 6 years old craigslist account. Any idea if that would be worth using again? It had TONS of flags by the time I stopped, but wondering on how long they keep that info. Or do you think it’s better to start with a new one? I did figure out that I needed to start fresh with a new account, but that is getting flagged too often as well. Am actually thinking of getting a tablet, so I can switch between multiple accounts.

      Can you say more about how using the same pictures are problematic? Any idea how long that lasts for? Like taking 2 diff pics of something and using one til it gets ghosted or flagged, then another?

      By the way, I tried downloading your middle video. It shows it downloaded, but didn’t give me an option of saving it someplace.

      Thank you so much


      • craigslist says:

        The IMEI number is not a big issue. If you change networks and get a new number, CL wont check to see if your are the same person from before using the same phone. They just worry about the number itself. Even same network, different number is OK also. Delete a post and repost or start from scratch? I think you are saying the same thing two different ways there. Yes, start a new post, and yes, make it different. Same post will get flagged again for same issues. If you abandoned an account years ago for problems on CL, then I would never revive that account. It’s not worth the headaches. The blocking will still be in place. It’s not like the computer forgot who you were and erased it’s memory, and no human is going to go back and clear you because you served your time. It’s not like you can get paroled. Nope, don’t beat that dead horse any more. As far as the download section of our website, sometimes the downloads don’t work because the host has tampered with the files. You still have two other options. 1- Watch it streaming online, or 2-Join the members section. Both of those are way more secure.

      • Lyn says:

        Can u say more about the pictures issue? Can’t figure out how CL computer can see that. Or do u mean the CL police (ppl with too much time on their hands) will flag when seeing same pics?

      • craigslist says:

        Pictures are problematic for various reasons. Yes there is the CL Police that goes around and tries to spot similar posts and Flag them down to satisfy their sense of order. Aside from that using images triggers algorithms that will track your posting to see if you use the same images elsewhere. That is why I suggest changing images names, sizes, hosts, etc. Also there is a problem where there now exist server side software now that can read what is written in images. If the images are clear enough like text, the software can read it with fairly good accuracy (90% – 95%). You would have to make your images really fancy (very elegant fonts) or complex (Like CAPTCHA) to fool these bots. I don’t know if CL uses this across all locals, but it is something to watch out for and be aware of when planning the use of text images to bypass text reading bots. If your images are just images of cars, houses, etc, then there is less to worry about. But I know many folks try to use images to evade the text reading algorithms and say whatever they want in their posts trying to evade Flagging or Ghosting.

      • Lyn says:

        Thank u! My pics are typically a dresser or table, etc. No writing. I was worried the computer may be ‘recognizing’ the pics. I sometimes put them in a different order when I repost. Will just start new (clean) posts once a month for good measure. A pain, but better than having to create a brand new account.

  16. J says:

    Hi, I got the following email email from craigslist management today. It’s for my postings in the llabor/hauling services. Please help!! Are they serious… should I be worried?

    Here’s what the email from CL management said:

    “We have started legal action against you”!!!
    We know you are getting our emails
    Violation of the provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act are subject to fines of up to $11,000. Deceptive commercial emails are also subject to laws banning false or misleading advertising.


    You are allowed only one posting per day!

    Whenever someone clicks on your ad we send them a notification that you are “No Longer in Business”

    Craigslist Management

    • craigslist says:

      First I would suggest that you check the email source and see that it really came from Craigslist and not someone trying to F*ck with you. Secondly do they have all your real info so that they know who you are and where to get at you as to be able to start legal action against you? Thirdly, I cannot comment on whether you should worry or not. There is a world of information missing from your comment and all I can assume is that you have been doing some NASTY stuff to bring down such attention on yourself. So if I did give you advice I could possibly be accused of giving you legal advice, WHICH I WILL NOT! So If this is really from Craigslist, and IF they have your real info, and IF you have been naughty and causing the problems described in the letter, then I would follow as the letter says and get legal counsel.

      • J says:

        Thank you for your quick reply. I do appreciate it!!

        I checked and yes it really is from CL and not another source. They don’t have my real information besides my cell phone number listed in the ad. The only thing I’ve been doing , nasty or not, is posting multiple ads per ad for hauling services so I can get jobs for my boyfriend. That’s it. Just a bunch of ads everyday (3-5 per day) compared to the one posting allowed per day.
        Have you seen this email from Craigslist before? Have you heard of people getting fined 11K?

        Lastly, I hope I’m correct in hoping that CL doesn’t have the time to go after everyone who violates their terms of service and posts for jobs multiple times per day?

        Any other comments or suggestions you can make would be very much appreciated.

      • craigslist says:

        If all they have is your cell phone, unless you have it through a major carrier (which they can subpoena to get your real info), then there is a low probability that they would come after someone who’s info they do not have. I am not a lawyer, nor do I claim to be one, but I have heard ways where they can file a John Doe lawsuit against people and later narrow it down based on whatever info they find out. Again this is something that only a real lawyer could give you concrete information on. You should also be aware that Craigslist is known for being very litigious, so saying that they don’t have the time or personnel to bother with you would be wrong. They may not go after everyone, but why they picked you, I would be very interested to know. The reason I said you must be doing something nasty is because this type of email would not be generated for something as simple as over posting. This is why I said that there has to be something missing because it just doesn’t add up to me. As a safety precaution I would suggest to anyone in your type of situation to stop posting and try to get this cleared up if you don’t want this hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles.

      • J says:

        Thank you very much! I assure you all I do was over post however your non legal advice is most appreciated 🙂

  17. Happened to me as well. I tried selling my Minecraft Bundle on there and had to fix the text so Craigslist didn’t ghost me.

  18. Carrie says:

    I get the email from craigslist to publish my post but they are blank. No link no nothing inside.

    • craigslist says:

      That’s interesting. I have not come across that before. It may be another form of Ghosting, but before we jump to that conclusion I would suggest a few things. Check to make sure that your email carrier isn’t somehow blocking the links. Check that you don’t have your adblocker, or antivirus blocking the links. Somethings antivirus can do an update (in the background without your knowledge) and start blocking links and it can be VERY hard to decipher that it is happening. Look at your email in it’s RAW form and see what is inside it to check if the links are present or missing. Hopefully some of this will help you track down the issue you are having.

  19. It drives me nuts! Why doesn’t craigslist just charge to post and drop the ability to flag anyone? JEEZ! Then everyone could post – or get filtered at the register through a new posting process – and posts would stay up.

    • craigslist says:

      I agree with you. It has been mentioned before but for some reason (that has not been disclosed publicly) they choose not to. They want to keep this community mentality which I think is long past gone by now. BTW, just in case you didn’t know, they do charge for posting in some areas and some sections of CL. but not site wide.

    • Jake says:

      Hi Craigslist, do you think there’s room for a similar site better managed than craigslist? I’d love to see more sites out there, someone with your level of knowledge could maybe use social media to set up a fast growth site that could quickly become relevant with maybe crowd funding?4

  20. Jack says:

    Thanks to the owner of this excellent blog for allowing people to share, I’ve a simple question I’d like to ask any other experienced craigslist user

    Question: Do you generally feel that all things told Craigslist has somehow had a major algorithm change during the last two months something that’s significant and not slight? I’m finding this and just wanted to put my thinking out there to see if anybody else has the same impression

    Thank you
    Jack from London

    • craigslist says:

      CL does make changes on a regular basis. Not all changes roll out evenly across the board in all areas. You may just be experiencing a “catch up” effect where many changes that have already taken place in other markets are reaching you all at once. OR you may not have experienced the changes personally for whatever reason be it posting types, or section, or frequency of posts etc. Anything really major happens you will learn about it here.

      • Jack from London says:

        Thanks for posting my comment and thanks for replying, well I’d like to add my findings in the hope it’s useful to you and your readers

        After suddenly not being able to post at all no matter what solutions I tried I suddenly have found the reason which is: I was using several well known “privacy related” email accounts that let you sign up anonymously and don’t store/record your IP address, and this was my problem as it seems Craigslist blanket banned me from posting when using these two email accounts.

        They don’t stop you from using these email accounts when replying to craigslist adverts just when posting adverts

        (Use these at your discretion but I’d prefer to avoid the chances of damaging their good names in any way, but they are and both are free and anonymous and you can self delete these email accounts as well

      • craigslist says:

        Thanks for the update. I have mentioned this before about other services. CL is VERY particular about the services they allow you to use for email, images, redirecting, etc, etc. These change all the time and I always tell people to be ready and willing to change the accounts you use with CL on a moments notice. One way of finding if you are being blocked or banned is to systematically go through and start changing the services that you use with CL. Yes, it is difficult, annoying and tedious, but it is the ONLY way because they will never tell you the reason that you are being blocked. Glad you were able to make sense of it all.

  21. Destiny says:

    I really need help with this one! A few weeks after my boyfriend and I started dating I found emails on his phone from all sorts of women (mostly bots I’m sure) and I noticed a link that said “view the original Cragslist ad”. I clicked the link and it took me to a “casual encounters” post seeking a “discreet FWB” that described him to a tee! When I confronted him about this He swore it was an ad that he posted on CL 2 years ago long before we met and that Craigslist re-posted it without his knowledge. I’ve see his CL account and it shows all the ads he’s placed for various reasons for the last couple years and the one in question was never dated from two years ago but was placed the day before I found it. I’ve used CL for years and this has never happened to me. He vehemently denies it to this day. In your opinion or if any of the viewers here ever had such an experience with I like to get some feedback. Not that I need relationship advice (LOL-I probably do) my gut tells me lying through his teeth. Problem is my heart wants to believe him. So anyone else ever had CL repost an ad without your consent?

    • craigslist says:

      I’m not in the business of giving relationship advice, but I will say that I have never heard of ANY ad being placed on CL automatically without a user actually doing it. If it were to be an error like a double post or something like that it is possible and then two ads would show up at the same time, but definitely not a 2 year old ad. That would have been deleted long ago from the system. CL goes to great efforts to stop over posting, they certainly would not place ads randomly for people.

  22. Michelle says:

    I post for my fiance in the services section. I am really baffled, and not sure how this is possible. I post daily (sometimes 2 times a day) we have noticed in the past week he has not been getting any phone calls, so I checked the site and it only shows for the last 3 days. On top of that it does not show anywhere at all where I post that it was even posted or renewed. How is this possible? Please help, thanks so much.

    • craigslist says:

      You mean it doesn’t show up that you posted in your control panel or the posts don’t show up on the site? If the posts are not showing up at all then you have been ghosted. If it is not showing up in your control panel then there is something odd going on with your account. Maybe the CL staff is removing your posts so they don’t show up at all even in your control panel. That is very possible to do from the back end. Or maybe its a caching issue with the site or your browser. Maybe clear your browser, cookies, history, stuff like that and see if you see anything different.

  23. Grant says:

    Hi there Thankyou for your information. All my posts are being flagged so Ive tried posting under different headings/ sections and they are being flagged too. I was trying to a certain if it was one trouble maker nazi on my case . I’m now thinking it may be my email address or Somethingbthat sets off an automatic flagging ? What’s your theory on this? Your advice and help would be much appreciated . Cheers

    • craigslist says:

      There are many different variables that go into posting on CL. Once you start having problems then the variables increase and it becomes even harder. Yes, it is possible that a fellow user or a staff member may be on your case. I would never rule that out completely. Also possible that your email is setting off red flags. If you are creating new posts with the same email, it will not work once you have been put on the shit list. If you are creating new account or VPN using the same email it is a wasted effort. That is one of the major points of my tutorials, is How to track every move you make so that you don’t contaminate your work. Any old email, heading, VPN, images, etc, etc, that you used before and caused you to get flagged will give you away and will ruin anything you did to get around being noticed. Running frantically and trying to post under different headings or sections with the same info will not have any different result. Not to be insulting to you in any way, but try to always keep this one phrase in your mind when dealing with CL. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” I say that because that will bring you back to reality every time and allow you to realize if you are really making changes, or just being insane (so to speak of course)

      • Grant Chandler says:

        Thankyou for your time answering my email. Ive posted various items under the same section some with pics some with none even a post asking whomever to stop flagging me all Flagged. Then I posted a random totally fictitious post in a completely unrelated section and it remains . So perhaps it’s not my email or content being detected by CL computer but by another user??

        Sent from my iPhone


      • craigslist says:

        Quite possible. I would never rule that out 100%. So now you have some direction in which to explore and test your theory and try to eliminate that problem.

    • Ann says:

      I’m getting the exact same problem the last two day…wth?

    • jack says:

      Hi Grant, I was just casually browsing the internet when came across your post. I’m having exactly the same problem, but the point is that everything was fine and normal a few months ago and after returning to posting using my normal methods it’s just not working at all, something radically has changed, I did a test and yes you are correct the “email” account that you use makes a difference, I swapped it and it got through to a further stage but still I can’t post properly, it seems there’s been some new tightening of the system and I can’t figure it out yet

  24. Igor Kudryn says:

    I have been posting on craigslist for many years, various items such as electronics, furniture, etc. for sale. I have been flagged before and I would switch between accounts and that would usually solve the issue. Recently I have been flagged for personal items in various categories that I am just trying to sell off and I am getting flagged and removed for no reason.

    I listed left over siding and vinyl flooring and the posts just wont stick.
    I have listed brand new mattresses and some older phones and they also keep on getting flagged.

    I created a new email, new craigslist account, purchased and ExpressVPN and same story. At this point its very frustrating.

    Which one of your courses on your website do I purchase to better educate myself how to 100% beat the flagging system craigslist has set up?

    I do have some listings that are active and people are texting me about but these for some reason wont stay up.

    Please advise,

    P.S. The siding I am selling is a Veneer Architecural Stone. Nobody on CL has a listing for that in my area. So I am 99% sure it isnt CL users flagging me. With my other items Im pretty sure its also the CL autoflag system..
    Please Help

    • craigslist says:

      Well, it seems that you have done much of the basic stuff and are still experiencing problems. I would suggest Level 5 because it is the most complete and also the best value. To make sure that you are not overwhelmed with the information, the lower levels are also included for the one price, so you can build up your knowledge and start at whatever level you feel most comfortable until you can master all of it. Start with what you already know how to do and add to it until you can kick ass. Hope this helps.

  25. My Craigslist experience has been to search the ads and occaisionally post one. Never had any trouble until now. I am trying to find an apartment. When I pull up the page of listings it will not come up, so I wait about 15 seconds and try again, it comes up. Then I click on an ad and the same thing happens, 15 seconds to load and then the reply button won’t. If it does work and I send an email I don’t find the sent email in my sent box. Needless to say searching for an apartment has become impossible on my Macbook Pro. But absolutely no problem on my cell phone. What goes, anyone have an idea? Thanks Denis

    • craigslist says:

      I would say that is an issue with your Macbook or your ISP. Since it works properly on your phone, then it’s obviously not a CL issue. Cell or mobile networks are more likely to be blocked by companies than landlines, so I don’t believe its a CL issue.

  26. Owen says:

    I have been Ghosted for being flagged too many times. My ad has survived three postings, but each time it was taken down by flagging. This time it is no longer showing up, I am ghosted. I tried to repost using a different email address/Craigslist account and was still ghosted (I am using the exact same ad). What is your advise?

    • craigslist says:

      My advice is as follows. 1- Go to my website and read through all the free info there and see if any of that helps you get reestablished on CL. If that fails, then 2- Go to my website and proceed to the Member’s Section and purchase the level that best suits your needs for the most advanced methods of getting on Craigslist. The info in the Member’s Section cannot be shared freely or it becomes obsolete obviously. This is why it is under lock and key and only Members get access.

  27. David Conroy says:

    Craigslist is responsible for a lot of the bad workmanship in Construction. that is in all the right to work states like this one Arizona. I’m not a lot of Stucco in Arizona that’s being put on by people that don’t know what they’re doing. A lot of these are people that said they know how to do this business came to work for me and I got rid of them and then those guys flag me.

  28. David Conroy says:

    Awesome job there on that reporting. I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Competitors can’t even do the quality of work I do are banning me. In other words people that hardly even go to school to learn the language and skills are running ads on Craigslist and deleting so it workers to get that money.

  29. Richard says:

    Answer this one, why is my ad that has been up for over a year now getting flagged after less then an hour. There is no reason it should be flagged as it is for toys (kids toys). As of right now my ad has been flagged 19 times in less then 8 hours. To me it looks like a troll at cl is just mad at their job or at the fact that I will not accept their lowball offer ($75 for a collection I am asking $400 for). SO my craigsliststaff… answer that one?

    • craigslist says:

      I think you already answered it yourself. 😉 It seems clear that someone has it out for you, and is flagging you like crazy. Machines or algorithms don’t have vendettas or grudges. Someone doesn’t like that you are charging too much or is pissed off at you for another more personal reason. Maybe you should take the ad down for a time and come back when things cool off.

    • John says:

      Imma tell you that yes there is the adds that get flagged by people iwant to think it takes maybe 10people/different IPs/devices…. to flag you so it gets..flag. A single person clicking flag over and over again on the same device from his home internet WONT flag u by himself… Even if he flags u from his laptop, tablet and cellphone… Using his home internet access…. He will have to call all his buddies and ask them to flag u … Or something like that.

      Now there is the flagging by the Craigslist system/computers/trolling administrator… Or whatever u want to call it… Who flags your initial (first/original post) for an UNKNOWN reason …

      So in the past…. And still now .. Ur adds have a 48hr waiting period before being able to be re-posted. And a 7day expiration period….

      With my years and endless accounts, devices, internet addresses ive noticed…. There is no way that a ONCE flagged post will ever be able to stick again ever again….once a post has been flagged on a category… U just let it be! And you literally have to make a new add
      With different wordage, pictures and play with words on description…. So that it will stick again…. Obviously if you are dealing with an actual human flagging you then u are stuck with ur items….

      Now… If you post too many times on a category and u get flagged over and over again…. U can change content, titles, description on a post and it will be ghosted and then… Flagged. No matter what you sell or if its a total different item…. It will just get flagged because your account its … Fully flagged.

      So… Thats my experience… Again and unfortunately NO ONE knows what are real parameters and what does CLs use to flag every and single one of us….

      So i can only recommend u… To from a never used device, from a never used internet connection… And vefirication phone number… create a whole new and different account and change ur wordage and description and even pics on ur toys posting… And do never access that account from old associated devices with the old Craigslist account…. Beleive me craigslist does and wi correlate ur IP and all ur device unique internet address (MAC address) and will flag ur new account if it notices u are trying to fool him

  30. Telisha Bbyford says:

    Thanks for the secrets cause I keep getting flagged over and over and over again and tired of it thank you so much.

  31. Chase says:

    They should really have some sort of way to stop unjust flagging or ghosting on CL.
    Especially if a CL employee has a hair across their ass for a particular post or person posting.
    They should have to show just reason for continual flagging, and if no just reason found, the flagger should be banned. Or employee fired.
    I don’t post that often. But when I do, I usually have several items I’m posting. And I find, oh they flag based on religious or ultra conservative beliefs. Real nut job flagging reasons.
    For instance, I had a Marti Gra mask I posted for free at Christmas time. It was pretty evil looking.. but would make a great Krampus party mask. They flagged the crap out of it. If post it, two minutes later it would be flagged.

    I posted kite fishing kites with pics of girls in bikinis kite fishing and catching fish with the kites… Instantly ghosted and/or flagged.
    I don’t post on CL for a living.
    But with no recourse for unjust flagging or ghosting… It certainly makes you want to reach through the wires and strangle the frack out the person responsible.

    I’m looking for alternatives to CL as a result of this uncontrolled flagging and ghosting for no sound reason, and more importantly, the lack of ability to contest it. That’s for sure…

    • craigslist says:

      I don’t know where you are posting, but I doubt it had anything to do with ultra conservative beliefs, unless it was the public flagging you. Employees of CL are biased in their own way, yes, but really Liberal. Remember these are people that live in ultra Left Wing San Francisco. The city that is a Sanctuary city for illegals, and allows people to walk around naked legally, and allows homeless people to live in the subway. No, CL is not flagging you for those reasons, conservative is a bad word in SF.

    • Dmitry says:

      Hey guys. I’d like to get your input on 2 things. 1) If I’m contacting people that posted ads on Craigslist, do you know what the limits are for how many of such emails I can send (per hour, day day, etc?); 2) When I’m responding to people that contacted MY ads, are there certain limits as well for how many emails and how often I can send them before that raises a red flag for CL?

      • craigslist says:

        As far as you responding to people that initially answered your ad, it’s a fairly liberal limit. Unless you are getting hundreds of email per day, and you want to answer them all in a rapid fire sequence, I wouldn’t be concerned. On the other hand if you want to answer other peoples ads then there is a fairly small limit. I’d say around 10 per hour approximately. Their filter will stop sending out emails fairly quick if it catches you and thinks that you are spamming. If you do it gradually and slowly, then it will allow you to answer many emails. I think most spammers probably use a cron job or software to send out their emails. That’s why most spammer emails are cut and paste, form letters. Out of 1000 emails, maybe 100 will respond to them. Then they get a little bit more personalized.

      • Dmitry says:

        Thank you for your response! 1) As far as me responding to people that contacted my ad – I don’t have 100’s of inquiries but I did respond to 40 inquiries within of 45-50 minutes. Basically, I just responded at the end of the day to everyone that contacted me that day. And then I got concerned so I decided to run a test. So I contacted my own ad using a different email. The email did get received successfully. But then I responded to it and after 30 minutes or so now that email still hasn’t been received. Any thoughts on this? Does it look like I was blocked? And when CL does this, is this a temporary block? (if you know, of course)
        2) Also, 90-95% of the emails that I sent back to people were all the same text except for the name in the beginning. I mean, there really isn’t much that I can change about it for each person. Is that a problem or this duplicate content is only an issue when I’m the one that’s contacting others’ posted ads?
        3) As far as me contacting people’s ads, 10 per hour is actually pretty decent. I thought it might be like 10 per day :)) And same thing here, if I do get blocked by CL’s system, is that a temporary block only?
        Thank you so much!

      • craigslist says:

        The email system generally speaking only does a temp or soft block. If you get blocked just stop and come back after an hour or two. Nothing to worry about unless you do it too often, then you will get hard blocked. As far as the emails I would try to reword at least the title and starting sentences a little so they differ from each other. Use a thesaurus and get some ideas on saying the same thing different ways and you should be OK.

    • Essie says:

      I thonk the flagging process should be made longer and annoying so people only do it if you really must.. now just clicking a button is too easy.. nkt

  32. ghassan2017 says:

    Why I got flagged my post when I renew? How can I pass this problem!!! Do you have some advice to avoid getting flagged on craigslist ??

    • craigslist says:

      I have covered that here and at my site extensively. Too much to explain in one post. Read through my site and here for advice.

    • John says:

      Usually u have to wait a whole week… To repost… But once a post gets flagged… U cant really ever repost it…. It just goes on ghosting for hours so u think its live.. But then it gets taken down by the system…

      All here to do is…. Wait a whole week to post anything on that account… And then post the add u wish … BUT make sure it does not have the same or similar wordage as any add that got flagged previously….

  33. brendyne says:

    I like the fact you respond. Do you know the actual number of post you can post without getting ghosted. Forget the flagging.

    I think its

    1 IP : 2 Accounts: 1 Post in One Category every 4 hours.

    After that need new IP, possible new phone number, but that will let you post in other cities without being ghosted.

    Worth a try , works sometimes for me, but i still get flagged, so would need to do this 15 times a day to get the desired reach for that city.

    • craigslist says:

      Thanks, I do respond, unlike other bloggers. I am here to help people when possible. As far as your question, let me start by saying that NO ONE knows for sure the exact number of anything inside CL for several reasons. Reasons being that 1- They change and update rules constantly, 2- They do not tell anyone what their rules actually are, and 3 Rules differ between locations (ie, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Dallas, New York, Tallahassee, etc). Your speculations seem safe to me. As far as Flagging that is a whole new battle right there. You are dealing with humans outside of CL that are taking you down for their own personal reasons, so that is way harder to deal with.

      • jack says:

        Wow! I’ve just read this and that makes a massive amount of sense, it seems like one area that I’m trying to post to seems to be more difficult than other areas, I’ve sort of noticed it before but not really noticed if you get what I mean, but now you mention it, it makes perfect sense!!

  34. Craigslist doesn’t like disposable e-mail addresses like, and I see a lot of people talking about creating new accounts with Gmail and Hotmail addresses. But what about your own domain? If you register a domain with an e-mail server and create new addresses on there, will Craigslist get suspicious about accounts created with addresses like, or will these work as well as

    • craigslist says:

      That is a good point and the answer is “Yes”. I have been telling my followers about this for years. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail emails can fall into disfavor at any time because of over use or spamming, but if you create a new domain with NO history, then your email is clean. There are so many inexpensive upper level domains now that it’s easy to do. I go back to the old days when registering a domain used to cost over $100. Now for anywhere from 99 cents on up you can register your own domain and create an email account with it and create as many CL accounts as you wish. I would stay away from .info domains because those have a bad rap due to spammers over using them because those were the first low cost domains that came on the market years back.

  35. Larry Namlem says:

    I just created an account using (free fake email). When I went to post a mundane (free to haul away my hot tub) posting I got “This posting is being blocked”. I wonder if it is my Mailinator address? Is this ghosting? No clue why it is blocked.


  36. KG Jones says:

    I do believe it is time to drop / boycott Craigslist completely. Their flagging and ghosting protocols are out of control. You have no idea why you get flagged, and it’s usually a cat and mouse game, or a toss up if your ad goes live or not. They are constantly playing around with their flagging bot servers, and if it doesn’t like a certain “keyword” or title combination, it completely flags you. I have also noticed less and less reply s to my listings. I hope to one day see Craigslist fail, just as I hoped to see Blockbuster video fail back in the day.

    • craigslist says:

      I agree with you. I think it’s only a matter of time. Bigger, better enterprises have failed and this miserable mess will also one day. For now the scammers keep it alive.

  37. amsachs71 says:

    I say it is time to Drop craigslist. We have Options like local yard sales pages on Facebook, Close5 app, and others. Why continue to give our time and business to such jerks? Why continue to open the door for so many scammers? Just move on and sell in other ways on different websites.

    • craigslist says:

      No one is stopping anyone from using these other options. The fact is that CL has seen a dramatic drop in usage over the years but some people still choose to use it. It has just become part of the popular lexicon just like Google has.

  38. Bruce Kester says:

    Can someone please tell me how C’Listers get multiple-multiple listings that flood categories not even associated with searches???? In the Vegas area we have continual artificial grass sellers not only flooding connected categories, but flooding totally unrelated categories.

    • craigslist says:

      They use a VPN system or something similar. Want to know more read our website the “Posting tutorial page”. You can do the same thing they do if you really want to fight fire with fire. They have it set up incorrectly if it is spilling out into totally unrelated sections.

  39. siyi Lu says:

    Great article! I am trying to promote my amazon discount club website. I could not think of any spam, harmful content of my site but still , most of my ads on craigslist got deleted or ghosted. It’s easy to change IP using your phone data plan, but I tried to change URL apparently this is blocked by craigslist. do u have successful expericence in the URL changing and would you recommend it to me? Thanks, Cici

    • craigslist says:

      It’s also very easy to do. There are many ways to change your URL. You probably have a free website given to you by your ISP or Data plan on your phone. You can create unlimited subdomains through that service for free. There are also many free domain or subdomain providers on the web. Do a search and you will get many to choose from. Use those until they get blocked then create a new one and forward to your site. Easy to do.

      • use a vpn then? alot of idiots roam that site and belive me if its bot the cars selling or houses martking up buy its the flakes that never reply to the ads.. stupid kimcheee heads.. cl never eorks for the part that u cant emet anyone but if u sell or buy anything u might get a reply.. makes no sense.. use a vpn that doesnt lof ingo and ur ip will be hidden.. kvng on

      • craigslist says:

        Yes, a VPN is one of the ways that we show you how to get around all the Ghosting issues. For those not familiar with it we have video tutorials in the “Member’s Section” that show you exactly how to create and set up everything so you can post anywhere at anytime and not have to deal with the CL rules. A bonus is also that you can post unlimited posts using a VPN system. This is how many people are flooding the system with their crappy ads. They are using the system in a negative way of course.

      • Thanks for this great info. I was doing great with Craigslist, then had ads ghosted right and left. Can you please post a link to your Members Section Tutorial? I would love to have a walk-through on how to set up VPN and the best service to use.

  40. Susie Hope Savala says:

    I just posted in the Classified, never been flagged and have only used Craigslist about 5 times . I cannot search my items? My link works but in search I can’t see it. I have tried several different searches,so what happened to my post?

    • craigslist says:

      Impossible for me to say definitively, but if you cannot find it by any searches you have tried, yet the direct link works, then that sounds like your classic Ghosting of your ad.

  41. Katy Grove says:

    Seems to me that this information and all that comes with it is just letting all the crazy people know how to mess with Craigslist and ruining a good thing. Pretty soon Craigslist will be so messed up with fake junk from the crazies and too many people complaining about a free service that we won’t have the advantages of the service any longer. Some people just like to take down a good thing – go figure.

    • craigslist says:

      And you would be completely wrong in your analysis. The “Crazy” people as you call them are all too aware of the flaws and loopholes in the CL system. They spend their entire days trying to figure out flaws to exploit. The good people are the ones that are left holding the bag and not understanding what is happening to them or their posts. The entire point of this article is to educate people. Because of the information here people are better able to understand what happens to them on CL and how to deal with it or prevent it from happening. CL has been forced to make several modifications because of shining a light on their problems. Things that are clarified and exposed can only be made better. Things that are kept in the dark shadows will always get worse. Hiding facts helps no one. I have received many thanks over the years for helping people understand and possible resolve their issues. It doesn’t mean that they have gone away from CL completely. It just means that they know better how to get things done.

      • i think my problem may be i have a static Ip address and i can’t change it. My IP address. My post are innocent. I don’t know what to do. I have a direct internet line one ip address only.

      • craigslist says:

        Then you have to think outside the box. You can use a friends computer, use a free VPN online and see if that works. If not then you can buy VPN service online (Not very expensive actually). Use your cell as a hot spot, etc. Try different services to change your IP address is what you need to do.

    • Tracy Jones says:

      Sorry Katy, you are WRONG. I sold a car on Craigslist about 5 years ago. Smooth sale, happy me, happy buyer. Two years ago I tried to list my boat. GHOSTED. NO REASON. Never tried to sell anything else EVER between the car and the boat. To this day, I can’t list anything. I have opened up another account and sold odds and ends here and there, but you are INCORRECT that you have to be a “crazy” to be ghosted. My first account was (and is) 100% legit, no spam, straight up honest CL material. Screw CL is what I say now, I have gone to other options like Wallapop, Letgo, and Buy Sell Barter when I want to get rid of something. CL has just become a way to kill or be killed.

    • Tony Scavone says:

      It’s already messed with and ruined…Craigslist is ruing it more than anyone with their ghosting crap! I’ve been dealing with it for YEARS.

    • david says:

      Honestly the sooner the shit site is closed down the better, if your going to run a free site for the world let them say and do what they want closing everybody down is just fucking yourself in the ass, I sick to death of the dickheads and their procedure of flagging and Ive only tried for 3 days

  42. Great page – most helpful! … I was blocked on ‘blow’ ( which is presumably drug-related ), but ‘into my ‘ ????? …… I posted again with ‘ISIS Jihadi Nuclear Bomb Terrorist’, thinking it would go to the top of the list, so as to ask why is there no List of Banned Words. ….. Came up as banned on ‘into my’ again – although NOT part of the text. ….. Bizarre. ……… A Google later, and here I am! ……..

  43. Until recently, I was not aware of ghosting. Now I’m pissed because I would spend alot of time to advertise on Craigslist and wonder why there was no response. I would like to look into a class action suit. It seems that there is some kind of cause seeing as I spend the time to prepare ads and post, and I receive a response from Craigslist that it’s posted. I’m pissed!

  44. Ht Bhard says:

    I am not sure if this is appropriate to post here, under ghosting, if not please feel free to redirect (as long as you let me know!). I have been leaving messages on all CL sites I can think of. There is something wrong with the search field, I’m finding. I’m in DC. It started by noticing that my posts (I just buy and things, without creating an account, been doing it for YEARS) were not getting toplisted. They were still there, but not when I searched by neighborhood, which is how I normally search. In fact, few listings were there and I know, I just KNOW, that there are a ton more than are showing up, not just mine. I went to the free page, and saw neighborhoods listed when there was no search criteria, but then when I input the neighborhood name (again, which I can see among the listings when there is no search criteria entered), those listings do not come up. I think CL might be having some issues now. I took a different computer to a separate hotspot and the same thing happened.

    • craigslist says:

      They may be having issues, or they may just be tweaking their search function. Hard to say but CL has never liked having a search function. They only implemented it after many other sites (including ours) created search functions to find stuff on CL easily. Then they followed up by blocking everybody trying to do that. So if their search is getting worse, there is no one to blame but CL because every time someone else tries to help, they send out a “Cease and desist” notice.

  45. No they won’t ban you. Just keep posting. Without people to post cl would be out of business.

  46. Amanda Evans says:

    I had a post that was ghosted about a year ago. Am I banned forever if I continue to use the same email, or will they allow me to post again since it’s been a while? Or should I just give up and find another email/IP?

    • craigslist says:

      Impossible to say the way CL behaves. I would suggest that you try making another post as a test and if it gets Ghosted then you know how to proceed. If not, then continue to use your current account until a future problems arises.

  47. Dan Justus says:

    I just posted something (legitimate), and within a few minutes got a text with a bitly (shortened URL). The url went to a craigslist page in another city with a 404 (page not found). Thought they just screwed up the URL. A few minutes later I got an email that my posting was removed for ToU reasons. When I went to look at my posting from my account, it was something completely different. The only thing that was the same was the location.
    The link they originally sent me still goes to my post, but I can’t find it by searching CL anymore.
    How can this happen?

    • craigslist says:

      A little hard to follow everything but I would say your post has been Ghosted. You can follow the link but otherwise it is not visible by doing a search. This is old fashioned Ghosting of your post. Keep reading through here and at my site and you will learn much more about Ghosting if you are still in doubt.

  48. ambreaux405 says:

    I have been posting for awhile. I noticed in the last month or so that all of my posts would get flagged immediately. I created new accounts and started posting from my phone connected to LTE instead. I could easily switch IP addresses just be restarting the phone. It was great.
    Now, however, I can still post. But every post is taking more than an hour to go live. The other day one post took 3 hours before it appeared.
    I am still switching IP addresses and my accounts are all phone verified. Is it possible Craigslist knows I’m posting using my phone? I know they can track Mac addresses but I thought that was only on Wi-Fi. What else could they be tracking? I am always sure to erase history and cookies before posting so I’m at a loss as to why things have started taking so long to go live. Any ideas?

    • craigslist says:

      I would say, don’t worry as long as the ads are going live. If you are passing the filters even if it takes a while it’s better than not at all. You are incorrect as far as the MAC address only being on WiFi. ALL Machines have a MAC address and it shows up on any type of connection not only WiFi. If you have several computers or devices set up at your home like I do, connect to your router and you will be able to see that all connected devices have MAC addresses including both WiFi and physical (via cable) connections.

      • ambreaux405 says:

        I know that I have a Mac address on my phone when I connect through Wi-Fi. It’s even called Wi-Fi Mac address on my phone. However I thought maybe Craigslist wouldn’t be able to track my device if I was connected through LTE only. But clearly they have.
        Is there any reliable way that you know of to change your Mac address whether on the phone or computer?

      • craigslist says:

        There are several programs available to change your MAC address. They are all acceptable. The one problem is that only some devices allow you to change the MAC address and others will not. So that’s the rub. The ones that will not, well, how can I put this….you can’t, no way around that. 😉

      • ambreaux405 says:

        Thank you for the info!

  49. josh dell says:

    I am trying to post on cl and only want to post one ad. Its about vaping products for alternative to smoking cigarettes but i am not selling anything with nicotine or illegal. I originally had no problems and have a lot of happy people that have my current phone number and don’t want to just change it. I haven’t tried new email or anything yet but I know for a fact I am actually being ghosted and not flagged. I would like to try and figure out exactly what wording is causing the system to categorize me as related to controlled substance and make me get flagged……I want to help people stop smoking and get away from the controlled substances lol

    • craigslist says:

      You will spend a LOT of time with trial and error trying to figure out what wording is hurting you only to find out that CL changes the filters all the time. So you will be back to square one not making any money. The easiest way is to get new emails, new account and new numbers. The beauty is that you can have all of these forward to your old stuff so you don’t have to change them. You decide which is best for you. Long and drawn out or quick and easy.

      • suzan062 says:

        Kind of on this same topic….but there was an ad I wanted to post this morning and one ad in particular was last posted in Oct and again in Nov. So I went to my acct and went to those two months, and the ad was only posted maybe 5 times throughout both months (not each month at 5, but total 5)…so it was easy to find them. What I saw was a certain word had been hookerized in both the title and twice used inside the text of the ad! I write for a living, resumes primarily, and each place the word “resume” was seen, it had been hookerized…each letter was a capital “R”…the “e” was the copywrite sign…the two “s,s” were dollar signs…the word itself was followed by the smiley face icon, and between the words “writing” and “services” there was the @ symbol. I’ve had this business for 40 years and I don’t play with titles and especially using symbols and nonsense like that. I’ve never been flagged or ever blocked….I delete the post when I’m done with it, and will repost it as a new ad down the road if I need it again. Did someone get into my account to play with it? I just don’t know how something like that would happen.

      • craigslist says:

        I don’t think anyone has been in your account aside from the CL system, or CL filters. CL is constantly trying out and applying different filters and probably one of then had a glitch and made these modifications. Its the same as when writing here on WordPress or other sites you have to be careful because it will take certain letters and make then into smilies or on your phone for example where it can auto complete or auto correct certain words you have written. I wouldn’t be concerned about it to be honest.

      • suzan062 says:

        Thanks….that’s good to know. I just found it odd that it was from Oct and Nov and in just this one ad 🙂 I won’t worry about it then….have a great day!

  50. gaybutnot says:

    Anyone viewing CL can get a “accidentally blocked” message. They prompt you to email them to fix it. This i am told happens often. Several people I know have told me this.

    • craigslist says:

      Good to know. Never experienced this myself.

      • suzan062 says:

        Nor have I, and I’ve used CL for my business since 2001 😦 Are you sure about that? How do you get “accidentally blocked”?

      • suzan062 says:

        This is off the subject (I have a hard time finding the threads I need 😦 Anyway…I heard on here a while back that it was better to delete a post than to renew? I’ve been deleting all my posts, for ages since I read that, but if what I read is true, what is the advantage to doing that again? 🙂

      • craigslist says:

        This changes back and forth over time as CL fancies so you have to see what works best for you. For a while renewing your posts and keeping them alive was better than creating new posts in an attempt to avoid ghosting. Eventually CL caught on to this and stopped people from renewing posts and would cause them to be blocked or ghosted (again their methods change over time). There was a point where you could renew a post and have it go to the top of the front page. That no longer works so if you renew a post that is already on page 45, then you will stay on page 45 and continue falling. Therefor it is more advantageous to delete and create a new post to be able to show up on the front page again. Also deleting old posts before creating a new one is a good way to fool the system to prevent it from doing a comparison between new and old posts and possibly labeling you a cheater. In some locations you can fall from page 1 to page 45 in 24 hours. In other locations not so much. Make a post in Los Angeles and in less than 3 hours there will be over 200 posts causing you to disappear. This is also why people delete and repost and try to get around the 48 hour rule. So technically you are not over posting because your original post is no longer in existence. A technicality, I know.

      • suzan062 says:

        AAaahhhhhhh,,,,,ok…I see 😀 I have a few posts that I renew a few days “after” it’s ready to renew (not all at once of course, but I pick and choose), but others I do just delete, spend a little time in rewording, and post as a new one. So ok….I get it now…thanks 🙂

  51. suzan062 says:

    Just wondering….if you don’t sell on CL, how would you know you’re blocked? You’d only know that if you tried to post something on there, then you’d get the msg that you are blocked from posting.. So, what is it that makes you think you’ve been blocked?

    • craigslist says:

      That is exactly why I asked if she could not see anything on CL when I gave my answer. Only sellers generally get blocked so it would have to be a very severe case for CL to block an IP completely.

      • gaybutnot says:

        You are wrong on the selling thing. Us who are looking for dates and adult situations (minus the play for pay and play for 420 peeps, who can keep posting ) tend to get ghosted. Sometimes our innocent posts never show, sometimes we get a message ad to our IP being blocked after post attempts.

        This happens to everyone.

      • craigslist says:

        When we say sellers we mean people posting anything at all, not just viewing CL. It is very strange for someone just viewing the site to have their IP completely banned.

      • suzan062 says:

        I don’t want to say that the comment is fishy, but I also want to know what makes her think her IP is blocked? I wonder if her and her husband aren’t posting a question on there regarding anyone who has a boat/trailer to sell and to contact them? Maybe when they try to post another question is when they get the block message….and what does the message say? Other than that, I think more about what they’re doing is needed.

  52. Thomas Case says:

    I recently came across this blog and found some very good information….thanks. What I don’t understand is why (some) folks get upset when they get busted. What I find hard about CL is posting in between someone that is dominating a site that is supposed to be for everyone. I don’t agree with everything CL does but there has to be some control or else it will be like that guy on the interstate with the illegal CB radio stepping all over you preventing your right to communicate just because he can. Dealers and owners are not strictly separated therefore dealers often saturate the ads while some poor schmuck is just trying to get rid of some stuff and can’t because he gets buried in the middle of some BS controversy over who deserves more. Its kind of like the HONOR system [if that still exists]……read the rules and adhere to them. KISS and be kind to one another!

    • craigslist says:

      I agree with you, but to answer your questions, its just human nature. People like to do things and get away with it. No one likes to get caught. Like you said CL does a lot of bad things and some innocent people get caught up in the mess. Those are the type of people I try to help. The others that do bad things I will not.

      • Hey there. My husband and I are searching CL for a boat and a travel trailer. Our IP is now blocked. We don’t sell on CL. I have no idea why this happens?

      • craigslist says:

        Blocked as in that you cannot see anything on CL? If that is the case then you probably have an IP that was previously used by someone that CL decided to ban. You can do a few different things to correct this. 1- Contact your ISP and ask for a different IP. 2- Use any free proxy service or VPN service to access CL. 3- Contact CL and as to be white listed because you never ever sold anything on CL. I doubt you will get anywhere with #3. Since you are not selling then you don’t have all the restraints that sellers do so using a proxy or VPN should work for you. This will NOT work for selling of course.

    • gaybutnot says:

      Thomas… If you have something to say, would you like your words to be unknowingly censored, for unknown reasons? The issue has 2 factors- 1) They are censoring, if not profiling, in some cases. Free speech within the USA is not being followed. This means someone’s first amendment rights are being ignored. 2) The formulations of what gets one censored is not always known. That is never made public. Often it appears that CL has an agenda, but cannot be proven by protocols and rules… Even when one follows the CL terms of use, to the letter. There is no transparency and faulty reasoning… Never mind consistent.

      Sure, you are looking at it from a control stance. But many like myself, followed the rules. Somehow, we were told we were no longer equal and could not post. We never knew why either, to even watch out for what we may be doing wrong.

  53. Ink Pastries says:

    I put up a massage business ad a few years back and got flagged because a) my prices are way lower than most (meaning competition probably stifled me, and b) I tried to put in the word “NON-SEXUAL” because I was getting creeps calling me. They wrote and said I couldn’t use the word “sexual” as if I was selling prostitute services when it was the opposite!! I didn’t want to be thought of for that. But not sure which one got me ghosted, because I wondered why an ad I put up to sell a massage table didn’t take. Now I guess I know why. Boy, between CL and Amazon, we are enslaved.

    • Ron MacRae says:

      What was not mentioned about ghosting, is how to tell if you ARE ghosted. The real and simple way to determine this is to copy and paste the posting number to the search window of the “area” it’s posted in and hit “enter”.

      If the ad shows up you’re good to go. But if your post doesn’t show up guess what – you’ve been screwed!!!

      • craigslist says:

        Than can work sometimes and not others. You have to remember that the system may give you false results because ads that are Ghosted will show up and existing ads for the author. So if you are logged in to your system it will automatically show you your posts when you search for them even when you are ghosted. That is how they fool you. Also the system can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours sometimes for an ad to go live depending on the area and traffic. So you may believe you have been ghosted and actually it was just delayed. So its tricky and not a 100% way to always tell. You don’t want to jump the gun and start over posting because you could make it worse for yourself. If you are being ghosted it will become obvious soon enough unfortunately.

  54. John Silverberg says:

    I conducted an experiment, having read many blog posts like this one and sympathizing. I went to a category full of crap spam on Craigslist and decided to flag every MF on there, one after another. I did it through a proxy, like have sex with a condom, as you should do until you are ready to have a child. 😉 And I didn’t want a bastard child with that whore Craigslist! Guess what happened? I got STD anyway. They banned my account with an obscure message. I wrote to them pissing all over their faces for banning me for doing THEIR job! I pointed out I was just exercising the right they gave me to flag violators of THEIR TOS and they have the balls to banned me!!!! Wow! I should dig up that email. It flamed them so badly that within about 3 hours they reinstated my account. 😀 WHAT AN EXPERIMENT!!!

    It proved they are corrupt as all HELL!!!!! But in the end there is or was at least one human being working there. Not sure if they fired him or her after showing a glimmer of guilty conscience.

    • craigslist says:

      Good for you. I agree that they are corrupt as hell and they show favoritism all over the place. They crate and apply the rules of their TOS willy nilly, no consistency. They change the way their algorithm works constantly yet no one has any idea how it is truly applied. Yet with all the NAZI government that California has I see no governmental requirements anywhere asking for transparency. They also are constantly fooling people to keep them off track as top how to actually get their posts to stay live. Once people realized how Ghosting worked they changed their system and now people think that they are being Flagged but it’s actually the CL system doing the Flagging. You notice no one talks about Ghosting any more. When people like you Flag posts they get banned or nothing happens. The Flagging system has now been coopted by the system instead of working as it was intended to by human beings readers. So the next time your posts (I mean anyone out there) get all Flagged down ask yourself “Was it really a human Flagging me or the CL system?” It’s really a messed up site.

  55. gaybutnot says:

    I am noticing a pattern….. Weekend US Holidays…. All of my posts no matter what IP location are always flagged. Someone who works those Bank Holiday weekends, is overdoing the censorship, to the point they are flagging innocent posts. Someone was hitting on me and the interest was mutual…, did no ave a way to jot info down… So I posted. That never got flagged email, and was “pink” upon my checking the “edit page.” That person or persons alone is making Craiglist get a bad rap. Theyclearly are using their own rules, not the TOU we look at and copy, so we have documentation.

  56. Very glad you started this blog, and I am happy to contribute as well.

    I recently had the problem of “your IP address has been blocked”
    And no, they do not respond even when you respectfully email them as to why. They should just cut the shite and stop giving you an email addy to do so.

    So I am still using XP, and found this is what works for me:

    Select “Run” and type “cmd”

    when the new cmd window opens, at the prompt I typed

    after a while I get a new prompt and at this type

    Craigslist has become the epitome of idiocracy. I only wish there was a way for the government to shut it down. Craigslist is branded and so if you are banned from using the site, you in essence cannot do a job search, sell an item or advertise your services or almost anything else successfully.

  57. Jip Pers says:

    I have to say its nerve wrecking all that i have experienced with CL in the last days, i mean all the annoying flagging, ghosting to deny of service by all means!!

    About 5 yrs ago i used CL for selling multiple things, some where very repetitive and all we had to do was just change lil things like the working and structure with the add and yeah if you had very alike adds it will flag it immediately

    But now they strip you to your computers DNA!! we are talking IP / MAC / Serial # on internet interfaces to cookies to metadata to browser logs everything!! Just for an add??!??!?

    Its sad but idk, if everyone just was complaint to this TOS and what not.. and we didnt were “greedy” or “needy” to be on top. The customer will still be able to see John’s, Dale’s, Hank’s and Bill’s posting, perhaps one on top of the other when renewing the post. But when you see that Hank has like 12 adds in a row and yours its just left in the limbo (ghosted) to tell you later that it was flagged…

    I mean i get it CL .. ok but why not do it evenly ?? It doesnt take much to just get on a section of the classifieds… specially the stuff for sale by dealers and the services to see that the same add its over and over and over….

    where Im getting at is…. we are victims of our own crime. And unfortunately you as me are in the wrong side of this, taking losses on business and employment, but really….. tell me something if you where to have the chance again to have Hanks ability (because what hank has done was he found a way) to post 12 adds in a row every hour… WILL YOU MORE CONSCIOUS OF OTHERS THAT DONT HAVE THAT LUCK ?? TO THE ONES THAT ARE STRUGGLING LIKE YOU ARE???

    I doubt you will even think about it.

    To this i came on conclusion because the little business i get from my 2 adds a day (2 or 3 solid calls with a “successful” sale) i have once in a while asked to the customer, so did u saw my add online?
    Some customers have confess me of the frighten they fell, because of so many adds and so many “professionals” it was hard to decide who to call first…. A lady told me once “your add looked more professional but not expensive professional” ” It seemed like you are trying but you not over doing it, that made me feel secure that you were busy with customers/work, instead of seeing dozens of adds of one particular” “that looks like he has no customers and spends his days on the computer”

    I mean yes…maybe 40% – 50% of the people you get contacted by its on a .. first come first basis…. but the other half will browse around. Some of them will even try physically interact with the sellers/store/person/professional FIRST before they make a decision.

    Bottom line… Get greedy. Get flagged. I have experienced my self… i once needed money to the most and started to over post, made accents after accounts, VPN/proxyed my postings and some had a success for once or twice but then failed.

    Then i took it slow with that same account that had like 20 “flagged” posts… stuck to the normal and its working normal now.

    Ran into this site due to yes im finding was to alternate CL. CL its just the easy way and it works great but…. people its looking at other websites. i mean i get half of my sales now from yelp reviews and just having a profile. Yes, yelp means “do business right” or be slammed by nasty reviews. And that is something that a lot of quick cash “business” on CL cant just deal with.

    There is multiple classified websites.. like backpage, olx, ebay classifieds, oodle , . i mean even freaking pennysaver will give you a customer now and then. However like everything… CL bombers are also listing on those websites but not with the same 100,s of posts as on CL. What you really need to to its to get as on many websites as possible (obviously that are popular) so that you can get also showed on google. i mean if people cant decide on CL who to buy a mattress from on CL they will go to google and type “Mattress Chico Ca” if you have a successful yelp profile you can almost guarantee a view. even if they dont know yelp. If you have a FB profile / page for you business its like 25% guaranteed also..

    Think ahead people… CL its not going to back up on their TOS and shady (but clever) ways to allow a post to add, ways-rules-procedures that if we all were abiding of.. we would had a less crowed CL sections and more business on our way.

    • craigslist says:

      I agree with you 100%. These days are very different from when CL first started. There are MANY other popular websites to get good traffic from. CL has allowed itself to be populated by scammers and is slowly fading into oblivion. Their TOS could be applied evenly and fairly by simply using some simple programing but instead they play games. Their site is a custom made site so it has not the restrictions of WordPress or Joomla or something like that. They could easily create an algorithm that once you made your post and tried to make more it would say says “Sorry, but you already made one post in this section in the previous 24 hours” and just not allow the post to go live. Or more simply “Sorry you already made your post today, you cannot make another post for 24 hours” and the system would simply block all posts from that computer, ip, MAC, etc. Instead of the haphazard way they go about it now. Other sites do it and they could also.

  58. Ajaykhan says:

    hello, actually i want to post in w4m section in india,singapore,hongkong,pakistan. but my ads have been flagged again and again. i don’t know what to do now. i need your help, i use hma ip and craigslist doesn’t want any pva for my four countries. so do i have to use those emails that is verified in india pakistan ? even when i posted in my own country that is flagged and my ip is blocked. why?

    • craigslist says:

      That is a very complicated question to answer with many variables. You should visit my site ( and read through it to get a more complete answer. This has been covered there extensively. Your problem is that you could be getting blocked by Dating services, or HMA might not be working for you. You will always have to use a PVA so you were lucky if you didn’t need one till now. YOu may have an account that has been blocked, etc. Many different possibilities, too many to answer here.

  59. Service Man says:

    Hi, really liked your article here. Can you please suggest some good IP changing software and what type of PVAs will be best to use.. I use HMA pro and all my ads are being ghosted and getting flagged in couple of hours. Please help.

    • craigslist says:

      There are many good VPN companies out there but like everything on the web their service and prices change every day. Once you find a good one at a good price it is best to lock in your terms with a one year contract. As far as which ones to use we do not get involved in that because we don’t want to be seen as playing favorites and also if they give you bad service for some reason we don’t want to be blamed for that. Just keep searching and you will find a good one. HMA is NOT going to work for you and I’ll tell you why. HMA has a dynamic IP for their VPNs. This is a dead giveaway to CL. If you do not maintain a consistent IP every time you post for that location you WILL be Ghosted. It’s part of the algorithm.

  60. I have a Linksys router that lets me change my IP easily and use multiple emails an this worked fine in the past. However lately my ads are almost all getting Deleted before they even hit the listings on the site. I can barely get an ad through, even with a fresh CL acct.

    I always clear my CL cookies when I change accounts but maybe should be doing even more.

    And what is the link to your CL discussion forums so can hopefully get some more tips there. Thanks.

  61. Ok… Every single post of mine is getting ghosted. My luck is not goid. I feel that TOLEDO CRAIGSLIST staff is using their own TOU. I feel they are censoring me. I am wondering now if I should not talk to an attourney about my free speech, versus CL staff members’ own personal TOU and vendettas, over the one I read online, when attempting to post. As I mentuoned before, i just get “tude” and caustic commentary on my postings, in the help forum. Nothing about the TOU is even discussed. Read above for my experience In the help forums.

    • craigslist says:

      You can do so if it will make you feel better but I doubt that you will get anywhere. Also, attorneys wont take a case like this on contingency so do you have lots of money to blow?

  62. Guess what…. It seems that some emails nack and forth are also getting ghosted. I was let back on, using another email and a new phone. Met one guy, which is a miracle in itself, and we both showed each other emails NOT recevieved. I did get dome of his responses, but not all, later that night and out of sent time order. I still have not gotten all emails that he sent me. It appears that ghosting is not for posts, but also for replies to posts. I consider this more troublesome than posts not showing up. Gross incompetance is an understatement.

    • craigslist says:

      Interesting. I can’t say by your info if this is Ghosting on a purposeful level or if it is just some errors with SPAM filters, but something to be aware of nonetheless.

  63. Greg Sellers says:

    I just had a post flagged for removal “Buying scrap gold”. Evidently someone didn’t like the fact that I posted what price I would actually pay, which is more than most. I don’t see why I should send all of that stuff to CL, considering they have the posted ad. Nor do I see why I should go to all this trouble. I know CL is free (or maybe, this is the strategy to turn it into a revenue-producing site), but, ya know, I’m done with it.

  64. First and foremost, I have blogged all about this just a few weeks ago. But another problem that plagues CL….. Vindictive readers, who post because you turned them down for a “date” or do not agree with your postings. I am totally looking for the CL alternative to be started. I literally hate CL and its policies, whether in the TOU, or hidden. But its my only “dating” option.

    • There is a Craigslist alternative and it is our Classifieds section. Go to our site and make your post plus get the word out. The more people know about it the better it can grow and become useful to you and everyone.

  65. trg7154 says:

    I had no idea. why would a company be okay with hookers and prostitutes running the singles section. what a joke. as far as using my real name, other dating sites use your handle for communicating. silly me…just naive being too honest. good to know.

  66. Or you could skip using a proxy and do the work yourself. Aw yes, work.

  67. Lani Reniva says:

    craigslist is not my bread and butter but it’s a great help for me. i wonder why my ads were flagged and removed while some shemales and prostitutes even used vulgar and indecent words. im getting frustrated,

  68. Hey guys, I’m really desperate here. First and foremost I can’t thank you enough for having this website! I thought I was the only one who was experiencing immediate flagging issues or sometimes when I post something, it’s showing active and right when it’s about to go live (around the 2 hour mark), it’s flagged.

    Before with 1 computer and 1 IP address, I would just create a new account, and post successfully, but couldn’t renew, the second I renewed, it would get flagged immediately but I was successful at creating a new e-mail account and posting it.

    This is something recent, it started happening in mid June. I’m desperate and I don’t know what to do, my depression has started to kick in because my source of income is through Craigslist and I need to work, I want to work, just isn’t happening. (no posts are sticking).

    I went ahead and purchased Elite Private Proxies for $20 a month, for 10 I.P. addresses, also purchased the full version of CC cleaner, I would clean all my history, tracking cookies and Java cookies before I would post with Operah browser, the first postings were successful, however after that if I renewed it, it would get flagged. So I have to make more e-mails and accounts using each different IP. The IP’s are located in Phoenix and I’m from/posting in Los Angeles, which didn’t matter, or I think it still doesn’t.
    Before this Craigslist change, I would be using the same IP and creating different e-mail accounts, and was able to post around 4 or 5 ads in the same section (different ads), under 1 e-mail account with no problem. That’s all changed now.

    • Don’t feel bad. Go to our website and use the resources that we have there. We have a Forum with lots of topics that are free to read, we have a classifieds section that you can post in for free. We have a traffic exchange system to get more traffic for your websites and social media. We have a members area with tutorials to help you learn more about ghosting and flagging. You can spend days going through all the stuff we have to help you.

      • BULL SHIT? Notice the peace sign as the url icon on Craig’s List. Posting there seems like posting on a Marxist Socialist Occupy site, or something. Anyone who doesn’t like what you say, even if you offer to pay too little for work you post, can flag your post and get it killed. They’re doing this ghosting to me, now, for similar reasons. It would be nice if someone started a huge alternative site with a Libertarian culture instead of Socialist like they are. Anyone?

      • craigslist says:

        We are the Craigslist Alternative. You can use our Classifieds section for free and you can post anything you want as long as it’s legal. No strings, no BS to deal with, and everything posted on our site gets posted on Facebook and twitter also automatically.

  69. Mark Russo says:

    HI, all good info. However, when you get a different account these nazi bastards REQUIRE a phone number verification so they can send you a code number which you must put into your first post in order to get it posted. I have run out of phone numbers. 😦 It is a damn shame that something can’t be done to them via the law???

    • You do need a new phone number and there are ways to get more numbers if you run out. 1- We have a PVA guide on our website that will show you how to get as many numbers as you want for free. 2- You can buy phone numbers. DO NOT buy numbers from sleazy people on the web that will sell you fake numbers. I mean that you should buy them from reputable companies like Web hosts and VPS providers. Those numbers are real and not blacklisted by Craigslist.

    • Dr, Soles says:

      About the only thing you can do is file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but Craigslist has already received several complaints already and doesn’t care. The only time they will care is if people stopped visiting Craigslist and they lost revenue. My recommendation is to use another classified site. A lot of them require you to pay $1 to place an ad but it is worth it since sites like Backpage will not ghost your ad and will notify you if your ad is in violation of their terms of service and was removed. Your ad won’t just disappear like what happens on Craigslist. You may not get as many customers reading your ad but hopefully one day people will realize Craigslist does ghost legitimate ads and cannot be trusted and people should see other sites for the legitimate ads that were ghosted by Craigslist.

  70. Good for you! This is a great website & fine work you’re doing – these typical arrogant secretive internet companies like Craigslist think they rule the world, treating themselves like kings while refusing to provide even the most basic attempt at customer service or tech support. Bunch of cheap bastards is what I say!

  71. you can only post the allowed number of ads per email account. So open more email accounts. Do not post more than the allowed number of ads per email account. Do not post similar material in more than one email.
    Read cl’s rules.

  72. Only post the allowed number of ads.

    • Natasha Puk says:

      I appreciate your advise, that was the easiest direction coming from you, but in my age even the simplest technical term is impossible for me to understand>
      If there would be another site competing with Craigslist, maybe they would step up from their high horses!

      I am a 81 year old lady, and trying to survive the economy with selling on Craigslist. Suddenly, not matter what, every add, and everything I am placing is being flagged flagged, I am starting to
      feel the loss of my little income, and if I do not find a Solution very soon, I will be on the street. My arthritis plagued fingers are becoming tired form posting and posting,, and my financial resources are dwindling.
      I have one question today, if anyone human reads my plea for help, Could I find any instructor who would be able to explain to me to understand what every one trying to help, is talking about!

      I do not understand was pasting means, I do not understand what it means to change your URL, I just do not understand anymore all those so very helpful advises , but I am willing to pay anyone for the time to teach me, how to beat that rotten system!!! I live in Las Vegas

      • I’m sorry to say that the only way to beat Craigslist is using highly technical methods. I don’t think anyone would be able to give you a quick rundown that you could easily apply. You would have to pay someone to do the posting for you. There are people I have heard that are in the Philippines and hire themselves out to post on Craigslist. I cannot direct you to them since this is all hearsay. Another method you can try which is very easy is to visit our Classifieds section on our website and use that to post your ads. Its free and there is NO Ghosting and NO Flagging. Your ad will stay up for the entire time its posted.

      • You’re posting too much. CL will flag you if you post too much.

  73. Ive joined waiting on reply about issues with the “rideshare” section.. Been posting for years with almost no issues. Ive always found a work around with their updates until now. Started May 1 2014 or so. I always usually renewed my ads. At most I might have 2 per day.. to keep near the top. All of a sudden the system or someone removed/deleted all my adds. Old and New. Its been quite the battle to post an add in this section. I removed all HTML that I had.. Went from that to plain text. A lot of text to almost nothing, Still gets auto flagged/deleted by the system and never gets posted. I managed to get 2 ads to stick after about posting 40. But if I change any of the ads using “Edit” the system automatically flags and deletes it. It won’t even let me post images with my ads without “auto flag/deleting my posts. I’d like to try the Proxy server thing but can’t afford it. I did do it on my phone using a different IP address, that didn’t work either. I do notice some people who regularly post on rideshare are having the same issues. They went from having usual ads to almost nothing. Any clue what I can do ?

      • ji xiang says:

        Hi Jimmy

        I have the same issue like you said. All my ads being automatically deleted by Craigslist system 20 minutes after I posted. Tell you truth I have 15 email account and about 7 email account is all red now. No matter how I tried to change my wording, telephone number, website link, title, my IP address, my computer, the same deleting result happens to me. Now all my posting is red in my email and no way to renew any posting.

        Interestingly, I notice all the changes suddenly happens after Mid of May 2014. Then, I decide to change my email account, I opened three new emails account, however, same result happens since I did not change telephone number associated with new email account. Same deleting issue happens to newly opend email account.

        I used to stay on the top of the listing by using 15 different email account with 15 different wording and images. But now after I posting 8 hours, only 2 or 3 posting go life. It’s a really stressful moment for me as a small business owner, nearly 80% of income is coming from craigslist. The income from my trades job is supporting my family and kids.

        Now I use a spreadsheet to record my posting behaviour and the results of each posting. I find an interesting pattern of how the system delete me. If this email account get too much deleting before, then any new posting will be automatically deleted and have no chance to show up at all. The same posting if issued by a good email account with very few reddness, and this posting would likely to show up.

        Now what I have to do is behaving like different person posting for different companies. I am going to abadon those email account with too much red. and open three new email account with everything new, new telephone and new text. I will let your guys know my results. Investing my money to purchase some temporary phone number and HMA software now.

        Also I notice my posting is keeping flagged by competitiors. why I know that is my posting will be removed 24 hours after showing up. Previouly, I ignore them but now I can post only 2 ads a day and no incoming calls from customers for the whole day.

        I never flag anyone on craigslist before but my competitor’s flag strategy certainly works well and able to force me out of business.

        What a disapointing moment for me to as an honest, hard working person.

      • Hello Craigsliststaff,

        Thank you for this blog. I was under great pressure before I met your blog.

        I am a web programmer and try to post web service on Craigslist computer service section.

        The problem is, many of my postings were deleted by Craigslist. I keep changing IP and new account, still get flagged. So I have some questions:

        1. Does Craigslist track the computer?
        2. If I change a completely new account and IP, how should I avoid in the ads title and ads content so that I will not be flagged by Craigslist?

        Hope to hear from you.



      • Yes, Peter. Craigslist does keep track of your IP and MAC address. If you want more detailed info you can visit my blog which is updated much more often than here.

    • You need to make a new account and use a new IP. The IP must be good quality. Check out hidemyass VPN.

  74. OH my gosh – thank you so much for the wealth of information! We post space available in the COMMERCIAL HOUSING section. We are NOT Spammers… we just want to show what is available at various locations… and limit our posts to once per day for each property. It boggled our mind, why we were being flagged and removed! We made our ads look “less professional” (makes no sense in that section) and it worked for a few weeks… but it started up again. I posted in Chrome as Incognito, but that didn’t work… I didn’t even KNOW about the “GHOSTING” – Egads, this is just crazy. I am excited to try some of your suggestions and hopefully be up and running again soon!

  75. Jason Lopez says:

    Hi,I have a bunch of accounts I use to post on CL. I have about 5 different email accounts with 5 different phone numbers most of them are VOIP numbers from Google talk. Every time I try to post a brand new ad or to repost an old ad from one of my accounts my ad gets auto-flagged within 2 or 3 minutes. (It doesn’t even make it to the site it doesn’t go live, it just gets auto-flagged right away). This happens on all 5 accounts that I have. My question is has Craigslist blocked my IP address or has Craigslist blocked all 5 of my phone numbers? Does Craigslist accept VOIP numbers anymore? Any help as to why all of my 5 accounts are being auto-flagged would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • I explain this in great detail in my website and forum. There are changes at Craigslist that very few people have caught onto yet. We have been doing testing and have identified what is going on. Your experience is not alone in this. Go to our website Forum and see the posts that I have made related to this. I will be updating that with more info.

      • Jason Lopez says:

        Hi, I went to the forum link you provided but I wasn’t able to find any information on my particular problem that I’m having. What is the name of the specific thread it is listed under?

      • Read the Ghosting and Flagging sections. If you find that the answers are not clear enough for you, then feel free to post your question there. Its free to join so go ahead and use it. That’s what it’s there for, to be a tool to enhance your experience and answer your questions.

      • I have had the very same experience with CL. It ruined my business. I delivered furniture for CL buyers for 3 years, and I was getting 20-30 calls per day until they started ghosting ads. Is there a site like CL that panders to all of us small business people in the same way? Just reading all of these post makes me think that there is a demand for it. Personally, I’d pay a small fee for the same exposure like Bill Wagner suggested. Do you think that we could pool our resources to create a movement on the same scale? CL doesn’t have the same grassroots backing any more.

      • We took your words seriously and did that very same thing. Our website now has a Classifieds section. NO Flagging and NO Ghosting.The site is monitored and regulated by ourselves, so only good posts are allowed to run while spam and garbage is deleted. Go to our site and run your ad for free. You can make suggestions for improvements in our forum as well. Get the word out and tell people about our site and maybe we can put a dent in Craigslist Classifieds business.

    • ji xiang says:

      I guess that your 5 account have same IP. you have to invest HMA if you want to stay business. Get some numbers to buy, it’s average cost $7 each per momth. You have to invest money to stay in this business

  76. Pete Johnson says:

    You know what’s silly about all of this..WE, are the ones in control, not Craigslist, yet we give Craig all of the power. Old ladies can’t sell Costume jewelry on Craigslist to clean out their drawer, yet fake obvious ponzi schemes and western union wire fraud scams stick with no issue. Craigslist allows these low life people to use “Auto Flagger” bots, which all they do is put in keywords and this bot just sits and flags your ads before they even make it to the board. All of this is ridiculous, and honestly, the only ones in power are the cowards, i would never hinder anyone from earning a legit living by flagging their ads using a bot. These same cowards if they owned as example a Burger Joint wouldn’t dare go across the street and “Flag” or in this case, set fire to their competitions location or do something that would shut it down, yet because it’s “Online”, the cowards run a muck and think it’s “cute”. The only way for us to really fight back is STOP USING craigslist, if you think about it, the only reason why it’s so popular is because of us, we “make” craigslist what it is. If we all went to Backpage as example and ditched craigslist, then what would craigslist be then? And i bet you they would stop all of their “Man behind the Curtain” b s, stop allowing these nerd cowards, schemers and thieves to use bots taking down competitions ads. I bet things would change real quick, as they say, you want results from some giant a hole that’s not thinking of the people any longer and there to just rake in the dough? You hit em in the wallet, that’s what gets their attention.

    • I agree with you, that’s why we created a Classifieds section on our website to help out people that are getting Flagged out of business. Go to our website and post your ads for FREE. No Ghosting and No Flagging. All legitimate ads will stay up for the duration. It will be all staff moderated so everyone will have an equal chance at posting and getting seen. Go there now and post for FREE.

  77. peetc gee says:

    Been using clist from the start or near then- the last few years have sold stuff (tip-o-the-hat there) and done many aspects of socio-political commentary such as suggesting users insist on lower rental prices consistently- lately working on a plan to increase awareness of MONSANTO and its’ effects on life….any critique of this megacorp gets the flag- it must be surreptitiously applied eg breaking up the syllables so it cant be searched easily- recently wrote a snail mail to cl hq asking for one of my accounts back to snag the history but not expecting anything

  78. Bill Wagner says:

    Craigslist is no longer allowing any URL’s in real estate ad posts, active or inactive. If a URL of any type is in the ad, Craigslist is deleting it within minutes. Craig would have been a lot better off just monetizing it and charging 25 cents to a dollar per ad every 30 days for ads with URL’s.

    • Are you certain that no one else is able to post URL in their ads either? Last I heard URLs were accepted as long as they weren’t live links. They are testing monetizing sections of CL (or maybe all of CL) in limited demographics. In the near future that may be what you will find. Of course I doubt that this will eliminate the spammers or fraud since there is spam and fraud in other pay sites anyway.

  79. Mike Herrera says:

    Thanks for the great info! I use cl to do lead generation for my clients. I had a pretty good run but now my ads are being flagged. Some by competitors I’m sure, but some I believe is because I have too many accts and posts from my IP address.

    Regarding Proxies, is 10 proxies a good amount to start with? Is it 1 proxy per cl acct?

    • You can try than but proxies are not working very well any more. Most of the time CL can detect them. This could be why you have been having problems. In our tutorials we teach you about VPS and how to use it.

      • Mike Herrera says:

        Thanks for your response. Where can I access your tutorials?

      • Go to our website ( and on the right hand side, the last link in blue is for the tutorial page.

      • Mike Herrera says:

        Thanks! I’m on a Mac… for some reason your videos aren’t supported by Mac. How else can I view them?

      • I’ve never had anyone tell me that they can’t see them. They are hosted online so they are probably converted to a flash format. You may need to get flash installed on your computer or updated.

      • Cindy Gordon says:

        I just tried to watch them from my mac, and it won’t let me. I do have the latest flash installed. It says: “it’s not compatible with your OS”. Anywhere else to view the videos?

      • Sure, you can join the Member’s Area and see them there. If you have any problems there I can always try to change the format and re-upload it for you in a more compatible format. You can also go to our website and join the new Forum we just created. Its free to join and post. That way you can ask as many questions as you like and get answer to your problems.

    • I’m getting my ads flagged every day. I think it may be craigslist. I post an ad and minutes later it’s flagged? I believe it started with competitors but the number of ads I’m getting flagged right when I post them leaves me wondering just what is going on. I can’t make a living if my ads are all getting flagged. I’m going to have to figure out some other kind of advertising because this is ridiculous.

      • Larry C says:

        I am having the same problem. My post shows in my account, but when searched….nothing. After between 1 minute and an hour and a half, the post is flagged for removal (shows deleted in my account). I have one other competitor and he is a spammer who currently has around 91 posts in 6 different categories. I only post in skilled services.
        Now when I update or renew ANY post in my account, it is flagged and removed. I cannot post anything now and am making NO MONEY! I am very angry.

      • I understand your problem. The situation is that Craigslist has changed how they apply Ghosting now. They have a different method to throw everyone off since people had gotten used to the old method. I can’t go into great detail here since I have to keep things short, but if you want to post your question on my help forum I’d be happy to help you there.

  80. I believe that I was ghosted too = why? For trying to reveal an Internet job scammer!

  81. question can I redirect clients to my facebook page in the beauty section? all my ads were flagged yesterday within the matter of minutes. Ive been using cl for years and my ads had a link to a website and the name of my facebook page. I have no idea if those two would get me flagged by craigslist. It could be haters though but the postings turn pink within seconds. I just created a new email and reposted without the link and its still not on the front page. Sometimes it doesn’t come up until I renew after they expire?

    • Yes, you can send people from your Craigslist advert to any page you like. Most likely you are experiencing competitors flagging your ads. That is why I added the link on the side panel for a good free web hosting site ( By using this free web host you can stay ahead of the flaggers. You can create one account and change web addresses in your control panel (by creating subdomains) as many times as you like. You can also use free domains. So lets say you get flagged with your facebook page, the you can create a free domain and use for a while. That gets flagged then make another one, or a sub domain, ie: and so on. Then from that page you can redirect them to your real website if you want to do that, or simply create a instant site there using the free website builder. By creating and changing links and landing pages you can throw off flaggers. You wont be able to use your real company name, but who cares. The purpose is to get people to the end site, not how they got there.

  82. philly186 says:

    Thanks so much I can’t put in words how much thanks I give to you 🙂

  83. philly186 says:

    No matter how many new emails I make craigslist keeps blocking me the first time I post.. I post around 10 times daily but I come to find all my posts are flagged… So I change computers but it does the same thing I even clear the browsing data everytime I post something new.. Any suggestions??
    Btw thanks a lot for those tips in the blog 🙂

    • Glad to help. By what you are describing it seems like you are having a more extensive problem than most of the readers here. When you get to that point then I have to suggest the information that is in our Member’s Section. Go to my website and get the videos. You can download them for free or join the Member’s Area and see them faster and in better quality.

  84. Not all of the people posting on there are actual CL staff. Don’t believe everything you read on there. Yes, many so called “rules” are made up as they go along. The Craigslist TOS is not as extensive as you may think, so many of these staffers will “interpret” what they think the TOS means. It’s just like dealing with the law. One officer will give you a ticket for one thing and another one will let you slide. It’s all up to interpretation. This is why posting on CL is so difficult. Yes, technically they can say that a Franchise should not post more than one ad, but that in unrealistic. This is why my website has existed for so many years now, because I (and my collaborators) focus on understanding and dealing with CL rules instead of cheating like other websites have done and been sued by CL and forced to shut down.

  85. susan064 says:

    Oh my gosh…I went to your staff page. I never knew what those little numbers were!! No secret that I show red numbers from 1 to 5 with minuses LOL And you are so right…all the green plus numbers are from posters who act “humble” and kind of in awe of Craigslist. Also checking out some free stat pages you mentioned. You know…I’ve followed the TOU to a “T”…needless to say, my business has slowed down bigtime, so I need to figure out something to do about sliding an extra post in here and there 😦 I do feel they have a flag on my IP address, and I just don’t have a way of getting another one. I posted yesterday morning, so it won’t renew until tomorrow morning. In the meantime, the overposters in my area are having a field day, and I’m sitting behind the pack 😦 Need to figure it out. I don’t think another email address will help me. Anyhow…your blog here is on my favorites list! LOL Thanks again!

  86. susan064 says:

    Thank you so much!!! So I’m not doing anything illegal, right? There are only 2 people on there who act “human” and really do try to help, but they’re seldom on. I’m not smart with tech stuff….I write and have done that my whole life. So this stats thing is really helpful for me (especially when I see someone has gone to my contact page), but for them to go off on this tangent OMG!! They actually stretched that one single question into a 26 post thread!! There were maybe 5 “staffers” calling me everything from soup to nuts, then starting in on each other LOL they kept calling me an “idiot guy”…some of it pretty awful. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I’m a 65 year old lady just trying to keep my business alive lol

    Ok…won’t bore you. Thanks so much…and I’ll keep statin’…just as long as CL doesn’t ban me for it or something stupid 😦 Thank you!!

  87. Suzan Wilson says:

    After reading here a couple of months ago, I really did some homework (mind you, after using craigslist for a number of years) of the CL TOS/TOU. It’s written in such a way that you forget it all the minute you log out. But I still was able to get it to soak in, and after following it to the “T”, I’ve successfuly run my posts, no problems. I’ve gotten kind of addicted to reading their help forum though (useful as long as you’re not the one who actually needs help…they can be so damned snarkey)…and I came across one where the poster has run an ad in Real Estate (Services) for a few years, and now it seems that the term he uses in his ad of “Virtual Tours” has been considered banned and he can no longer use it. How is this term banned? What does CL find wrong with it? Any ideas?

    • I really couldn’t tell you. Unless they consider it to be not advertising locally, or having external links or any of that type of activity. They are trying to keep things local and low volume. If you are a big operation they want you to start using pay services now, no more freebies. This is why many car dealers list themselves as the “owner” instead of “dealer” when listing vehicles.

      • In skilled trade all licensed contractors are flagged by the unlicensed crooks. CL should change the way posts are flagged, 6 people should be able to flag a post not 3 and this will prevent competitors from flagging legitimate posts

      • susan064 says:

        You’re getting to be my “go-to” person….I started a hornet’s nest yesterday and I’m hoping I’m not doing something wrong. A few months ago I began flagging daily, sometimes several times a day (horrendous in the w/e/t category lately)…and I’ll sometimes go into the Flag Help Forum and read the posts and answers so I can better understand how things work. I’m kind of anal about wanting to do things right. Anyway, there was a post from a guy in Vancouver, and I thought Vancouver WA, which I live right across from in Oregon. Then I realized he was in Vancouver, BC…dummy that I am. So I went into that page and discovered a whole slew of writing ads that I’ve been flagging in Portland…all the same people. Well….I use a free web building site, and they have (also free) a basic web analytics thing, which I use to see what ads are bringing in the calls for me, and what area of Portland they’re coming from. Well, I’m always getting “hits” from Canada and Germany…i figure bots. But since checking out Vancouver, I see that these could be the competition. So…I did a post saying I see on my stat graph lots of hits to my site from Canada, and asked if posters in Canada do anything different then we in the states do…in other words, are the CL TOU the same all over? Well…forget that…they zero’d in on the web analytics thing I have and they went wild over it saying I was illegal, breaking the TOU…they were saying things I don’t do…like putting an “image” into my posts??? What is that??? They claim I’m breaking the law by invading the privacy of people who find my posts on CL…how do I do that??? And a lot of my hits come from BackPage, eBay and Google where I also post. I tried to explain to them what it is I have…I don’t download anything and I’m just not sure what in the hell they’re talking about. Am I doing something wrong??? I don’t know who these people are who look at my site, and most of the time, they only go to my “Home” page, stay for 60 seconds, and disappear. So I’m not understanding this. Any thoughts on this??? Thanks for your time 😦

      • Hahahaha….Wow, I had a good laugh reading all the details of your post. You are smart in what you are doing but you made on BIG mistake, which is talking to any of the people on CL forums. Those people are the most retarded people on the planet. You are NOT doing anything wrong by using stats on your website. Every single website on the web has stats built into it. That right there is proof positive of how idiotic they really are on those forums. The way you started out is the best way to use the forums. Read and learn, but never contribute. They will bash and bad mouth you like crazy and they will make you feel like you are trash. They are the ones that are trash, so don’t feel bad. Use the stats as you like and learn from what you see. You cant always find out who came to your website by stats, but sometimes you can. If you find that someone is being abusive, then you can use .htaccess to block them if your web host will allow that. If you need a free web host with many good features, use the one listed on the blog roll on the side of this page. Its free and quick to set up.

  88. jetpackk2013 says:

    Good info. Craig is a freak and the site works for shit. He doesn’t care.

  89. Andy Luick says:

    I post every day on CL in the shared housing section. I noticed a few weeks ago that some of my ads were being immediately flagged without ever hitting the first page. I didn’t get any notice from CL. I continued to post and tried to modify my posting to remove whatever the problem might be. Yesterday, my entire account was blocked and every ad posted for January deleted. I can no longer access my old postings. Our business provides shared, safe and affordable housing to those who need it and we’ve saved over 50 homes from foreclosure in the past year. Fortunately, we have other ways to reach our clients. I’m not sure what we did or didn’t do to be blocked. There was a recent change that we can no longer include our phone number in the body of the listing….we didn’t catch that so maybe that is the problem. We have no idea. We never received any notice from CL as to what the problem might be.

    My guess is that they are now blocking everything associated with our IPs & phone numbers. No idea how long that will last!

  90. i have used craigslist many times. At first i was looking for a tractor, most of the ads i replied to, i later discovered, were just scams. In November 2013 we needed to buy a used car for my son. i will only buy a used car from a private owner. I was in Georgia and many of the adds took some driving to get to. what i discovered is that almost every one was selling cars they never owned. or were used car lots selling all junk. I did click by OWNER ONLY. some argue they own the car so it is by owner. If you buy cars to resale them, then you are a dealer, in some states you can only sell a auto that is registered in your name, or a limited (3) number of cars a yr without having a licences or bond. If you ask me why i will not buy from a used car dealer–(I am a former mechanic) most all used cars come from salvage yards or auction pool. JUNK JUNK JUNK . just trust me on that. they come from dealers that cant resale them,dealers that could not fix them and from insurance co. that found it better they not be repaired–some come from fleets or rental co- …Most of the time a private owner knows what they are selling and can tell you the good and the bad, a dealer its always good good good. -took it in on trade from an old man-good carfax–your getting a great deal—i have one coming in-let me show you this car over here—JUNK JUNK JUNK—-SO i flag all dealers under BY OWNER.

    • All very good points. I agree with you that all the dealers that are posting in the wrong section are using semantics to justify their posting in the wrong category. They do this on purpose because the know that many people think the same way you do. It is a ridiculous argument and they know it. It’s like saying “I didn’t kill that guy, he fell on my knife while I was holding it”. You did good to flag them.

  91. I post ads on the Atlanta write/ed/tr8 section. This part of the Atlanta Craigslist is completely overrun with spam ads for writing papers.

    Worse still, every legitimate poster is having their posts flagged and removed. It is obviously the same people who are posting up to a 100 or so posts a day to write papers that are doing the flagging. They must have a way to instantly change their IP addresses.

    What can be done about this? My livelihood, and I am sure the livelihood of others, depends on being able to advertise on Craigslist. Every single day my posts are removed and the posts of others are removed.

    There can be 40 legitimate ads on Craigslist in the evening and by morning nothing but spam ads for writing papers. Please, somebody help!

  92. Mike Walker says:

    Here is something I wonder if anyone knows. Since Craigslist took away links, are now putting our website, contact information in our photos. 99% of them get ghosted when we do this. Does Craigslist have something that knows if there is a website or number in a photo? When we remove this from the photo, the ad goes live.

  93. Some random person posted an ad with my name an cell phone #, too many annoying calls about a Samsung TV that I did not advertise. It appeared under electronics in Albany over a month ago..Tonight I started receiving calls again from Miami about the same TV. How is it possible for someone to use my name and number? How do I stop this?

    • It’s easy to post any information in an ad. It doesn’t have to be their info. CL does not police the facts of an ad and there is no real approval process, so ads of spite or vengeance are easy to post. If someone wants to get even with someone else, or simply annoy them, they can easily post false information. Another possibility is that the ad is off by one number or the people are dialing it wrong by one number and getting your number instead. Can’t rule that out completely unless they tell you that it’s your number specifically that is in the ad.

  94. J Wilson says:

    So I’m getting ghosted or something. If I post an ad from my main email account, it gets flagged right away (i.e. it never even makes it online), although sometimes it will work. But if I posted from my other email account, it will go up but it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes every single time. It’s so frustrating.

    This all began after I posted a few “re:” to posts about the people using fake pics. People were stealing pics off the internet and passing them off as theirs so I was being helpful and letting people know. I get banned or ghosted or whatever from craigslist, but these people who are posting up to 20 ads a day and using fake pics don’t. It makes no fucking sense. It’s so backwards. That’s what I get for trying to lift the rug on some total creeps.

    • Ron MacRae says:

      Do as the man said –

      1. Get another cell phone on your present account. It’ll only cost you $10 a month if they’re not screwing you. I use US Cellular. They let you change your number for FREE! Call it your :”craiglist verification phone” and use it for that reason only.

      2. Set up several email accounts thought your ISP and use a new one each time C/L ghosts you.

      That’s it man. You’ll be go to go forever!!! Been there – done that!!!

  95. Mike Walker says:

    I live in Houston and can no longer post anything. It was one day (after I ranted on the cl forum) but is it possible for them to block a range of ips even in a huge city like Houston? Did I screw things up for 1/3 of this city?

    • Yes it is possible and No you didn’t screw it up for 1/3 of the city. They can block very specifically. Most likely the IP is simply used as a trigger and the MAC address of your machine is what is causing the actual blocking. They are not blocking out everyone else who uses those IPs.

  96. Eventually CL will overhaul its flagging system. It just has to, as it can only persist for so long. Not making the improvements just creates situations where users find a way to beat the current flagging system and use it to their advantage in not a good way. It is a great site.

    • It is a great site! No one is saying that it isn’t. More to the point is just that the way flagging and ghosting is currently implemented poses serious problems and is frequently used improperly and significantly abused.
      I have to say that when those thieves and scammers attacked my parent’s estate sale, we had more attendance from that area to the estate sale than any other day we sold stuff or any other items we ever tried to advertise on Craigs,
      The community came out in mass support of us. It was very reassuring. So yes, there is a positive community involvement there too which I think is the saving grace of CL. It’s just unfortunate that the current way the site works with flagging and ghosting can be so badly abused to hurt people.

    • susan064 says:

      I’ve had a constant problem with CL since this summer. I rely heavily on CL for my writing service which I use to supplement my SS Benefit check. I’ve used them for 10 years. I suddenly was hit with tons of scammers responding to my ads. Thinking they were legitimate clients, I’d contact them…a couple of hours later my posts would all be deleted (and I’m talking about posts that were far down the list and well over 48 hours old). I use Google Analytics and noticed at this time that many IP addresses coming to my website were from Germany. I just figured they were bots from somewhere else. But it’s gotten horrible, and I haven’t gotten any responses in 6 days now. I’ve done almost everything short of changing my IP address, and that isn’t an easy thing to do. I’m on Comcast and they’re not happy with doing that. I’ve changed email addresses, I could begin another new website I suppose…I’ve changed how my ads look…I’m at a loss. I sent another email to Craig about this situation…but another new post I put in managed to stick for 2 days. I was thrilled and sent him a “thank-you” email. Today the 48 hours is up on it, and when I went in to “renew”…it was deleted. So I’m not sure if this is CL banning me for something, or if I have a scammer on my tail 😦 I have another new post…the only one I have…and although it took an hour to show up, it’s so far sticking. I’m at a loss. I’ve used every free advertising site I can, but none bring in the business like CL does. I’m just not sure what to do next.

      • Hard to tell if you have a problem with CL directly by what you tell us but it may be that your posts are being deleted because of the scammers and spammers that you are attracting. Again, hard to say from such few details. One thing I can tell you is that if you cannot change your IP with Comcast but wish to use a different IP I can suggest using a VPN service. HMA is OK for the occasional poster to CL, but not for people that want to use it all the time. HMA does not give you a static or consistent IP. So every time you log in you will get a different IP. Good for some, bad for others. Depends on your situation as always.

      • susan064 says:

        The post I redid is still up…it’s been two hours now. I did send another email to Craig and as usual he says “sharing now”. I post in the Service directory for my city. I write…mainly resumes (have done so for over 30 years now) I’m not sure why my posts would be attractive to scammers, but something just doesn’t seem right. I’ll check out that VPN…not sure what that is, but I normally look everything up online to get some answers. Thanks for the reply. It’s just unnerving to look on my list for this month
        and see all pink from all the deletes! I did use my DIL’s phone number for this new post, but it didn’t work…it is so far, but I’m sure I’ll be tossed again. That’s why I feel my IP has been flagged for some reason. Thank you 🙂

      • susan064 says:

        Also…I went to the site you have listed…how do I download it? I don’t want the video…I want to take my time and read it. How much is it? Thanks~

      • All we have at this time are videos, no written form. We had PDF files in the past but people never used them so we deleted the written format altogether. If you get the videos you have unlimited access to them so you can take as much time as you want and watch them as much as you need. Also, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A similar term is VPS or Virtual Private Servers. The videos explain how to get them and how to configure them to work best on Craigslist.

      • susan064 says:

        Ok…thanks 🙂 I’m still sticking…just can’t figure it out.

      • susan064 says:

        I connected today with a competitor in my area to see if she was having the same problem. I was again deleted this morning, reposted, and still sticking at this time (all day). She was nice enough to respond, and yes, she’s having the exact same thing happening to her. She too went thru all the possible fixes, rewriting posts, not putting in web address…clearing cookies to Craigslist, etc)…and she’s still being deleted. She says that “someone” told her that Craigslist was doing some “flushing”? This person told her that once that was done, everything would gt back to normal again. I somehow doubt that…but I guess anything is posssible 😦

      • I don’t mean to sound rude, but unsubstantiated rumors like what your friend told you are useless. Craigslist doesn’t go through a flushing. They weed out spammers and troublemakers (as they see them obviously) all the time. There is no normal for Craigslist. Unless you want to call constant change normal.

  97. Thomas Tan says:

    I just created a CL post. CL emailed me with link stating that the ad is live (#4196754097). When I clicked on the link, it shows a live page. When you go back to the listing to find the ad from categories (housing/apt for rent), the ad is no where to be found. Is my ad ghosted? If so, why? I am not a frequent poster. the ad itself is just a straightforward for rent post, without any external links.

    it is really frustrating!

  98. Good info. I came here because my personal add stopped expiring. This would happen every 7 days and then I would top-post it. As an older guy (48) in a small town it’s not easy getting dates. I would get an average of 2 replies a week at first, and then maybe 1 a week, but it worked.

    Now though, since it doesn’t expire, I can delete it, then repost, and guess what – it goes right back to the original date of the post. It’s not on the front page, which means it’s been ghosted. Not because it was flagged, but because Craigslist filter decided that since I had posted the same personal add more than 6 times, it was “spam” and now needs to be ghosted.

    The simple solution is just to create a new add, which is probably what I needed to do anyway. I’m only posting this because I wanted those in similar situations to know that CL spreads a wide net which can catch innocent people. Like Zuckerberg, Newmark can be a bit of a dumbass.

  99. val24555 says:

    So my boyfriend said he posted an add to find a girl about 3 years ago,he claims he hasn’t been on in about a yr but I went to his email and he had very recent emails from ppl,he claims they emails randomly show up and he doesn’t know how,I heard adds delete on there own after a certain amount of time,so my question is: is it possible for him to still get emails even though it’s been a year??

    • We’re not here to get between you and your boyfriend, but you are correct. All ads on Craigslist will auto-delete after a predetermined amount of time. Most are seven days, but some a little longer. There are NO ads that will stay up for a year or more. Not on Craigslist. Emails do not show up randomly on their own unless they are SPAM. I’m sure you can tell the difference between a SPAM email and a real one. So we’ll leave the rest of the detective work to you. 😉

  100. hi I dont know who to ask and this page seems informed…… I recently was a victim of a theft and i believe i have found something that belongs to me posted on craigslist my problem is that it shows the item being posted originally before the theft occured, however the item has been updated on the date of the theft and it is distinctive enough for me to feel pretty certain that its mine My question is simply this, How can i view or further investigate the post in order to determine whether or not my item has replaced a different item via the edit feature ….how do i see the post as it was originally posted approximately 25 days ago in order to get some form of definitive proof and reclaim my items

    • The only people that can see those types of details would be the staff at Craigslist. Will they help you in any way? Doubtful, unless you get a court order. I suggest you try the police and see if they can help you with some leverage.

  101. tmagness01 says:

    I’m glad that i’m not the only one experiencing this problem, but it really blows that we are all stuck in the same boat.. I have recently become a victim of this “ghosting” as you call it.. i post ads on craigslist looking for broken electronics to buy so that I can fix and resell them on craigslist.. i’ve been doing this for about 3 years, and occasionally deal with the flagged add every now and again, to which i have always received an e-mail to let me know that my ad has been flagged.. recently i started to ramp things up by posting more ads in more places.. i first thought that someone had it out for me and was flagging my ads, until i realized that I might have been a victim of my own over spamming.. but the first time I noticed it, i noticed that 5 ads i placed all on different CL sites (austin, waco, killeen, college station and dallas) with an item for sale were all flagged.. then went my various ads where i was looking for items also.. it frustrated me, this weekend alone i’ve had over 50 ads flagged.. then i created a new account and those ads were also flagged.. the only thing I could think of was that they were somehow targeting my phone number.. instead of putting a 10 digit number out there, i’ve worded out a few of the digits, and that seems to work.. i’m still using the same ads with the same wording, just a different style phone number.. i’ve also downloaded a txt free app and used that phone number.. but this crap is getting annoying, my ads never even make it live on the site.. i watch craigslist all day long, constantly hitting the refresh button to see whats out there.. any help or input would be greatly appreciated as to what i can do to make this crap go away and get back to business as usual.. thanks guys

  102. yeah the same thing is happening to us. My father died and I’ve been helping my mother to empty out the Estate so she can sell her home and retire and the local antique mall and flea market ganged up on us and started flagging our estate sale ad. I know this because they went as far as to post their own ad in the same category as attacking us publicly. The whole experience was just plain frightening. Not only that they actually went as far as to send us hate mail through Craigslist system demanding that we give some of our property away for free or else trash it. I’m talking about expensive quality antiques here too not junk. Our local Craigslist estate sale section is loaded with spam for those same antique malls and flea markets on a constant basis every week and they never get flagged or removed. We really do need to fight back and take Craigslist back for the people and it seems like the folks who run it just don’t care. I guess they figure it’s free and we’ll just do with it whatever we want as a community but I guess the problem is how to protect the real community from the business and commercial interest that over runs the place. I thought about posting my own business in one of the other categories there but now I hesitate after having this experience because I don’t want to be associated with the negativity of the businesses who abuse the privilege.

  103. Split Trends says:

    I have an issue that’s led to me being flagged and ghosted. I sell panties on craigslist, which is a lucrative business, but I’m only allowed to do so in the clothing category, which is not where my target audience browses. If I try to post in the personals/casual encounters, apparently you’re not allowed to sell this product (or any product there), however, people are allowed to say they are looking to buy panties there, not to mention people blatantly solicit sex for money there, and they don’t get flagged. So why can’t I sell an honest pair of underwear? I’m getting frustrated that men looking for prostitutes don’t have any issue, but I do.

    So where this has led me is my posts get flagged and removed, and now this morning I visit my gmail inbox and all of my messages from Craigslist have disappeared. I can understand that if they flagged me, the reply system might not function anymore, but how can Craigslist access my personal gmail and remove messages? The only thing that still remains in my gmail is if I can remember a contacts name, I can search for it and the contact will show up, but none of the past messages exist and the only information is the CL reply address. How is this happening? And can I still message those CL provided reply addresses, or will the messages not go through?

  104. Joe Bromberg says:

    I am frequent craigslist user and i am appreciate the opportunity of listing my apartments for free on your website. Unfortunately there are series flaws in the way the craigslist operates. For some unknown reasons someone very frequently flag and deletes my ad.
    It is happening many times each day like never ending game. The same happened many times last year. Through some research i came to the conclusion that my ads are flag as the way to get rid of competition. I place my ad in for owners only section (no fee). It is well known fact that this section is frequently used by real estate professions. I would say in 90% which is a clear violation to craigslist regulations. Since my rent is substantially cheaper than average rent advertised by real estate brokers, one of them or few of them intentionally and constantly flag and deletes my ads. Craigslist is a very popular website only because it is used by large number of non professionals. When private person like me start to have more and more problems with placing the ad because craigslist is beginning dominating by professionals, I strongly believe that craigslist value will start to diminish, as more and more non professionals will have problems similar to mine. I do not believe that it is in your best interest to switch from serving the public to become a tool for professionals. Let me mention that my ads are not flag because there are inappropriate or in violation of your regulations. Unlike real estate brokers who places multiple ads in one day in private owners only section, i place only one ad. I do not know how your program operates, maybe it can be easly cracked by hackers or be manipulated by professionals but i hope and i am sure that your programmers and software specialists are able to correct the degree of ease of deleting any ad.

  105. sandra121870 says:

    How about finding out who is bad mouthing you? You see my husband has a used tire shop and he has the best prices in town so he is always getting flagged we believe its from the competition this one particular tire shop that guy even called the city inspector on us once. Now the only way I see my husbands adds is by typing his phone number with spaces in the craiglist search box and there with all my husbands add there was one saying don’t buy tires from this guy is name is louis and the address and my husband phone number it went on to say tht my husband is a crook and sells unsafe tires.. now whn tht other shop found out that my husband was putting adds on craiglist he also started putting adds. So is there a way of finding out who posted that also the keep on refreshing it is there a way to remove it completely?

  106. I see a lot talking about flagging and ghosting but I think I’m experiencing a different issue. I was doing just paid postings for jobs and now receive a message saying “This posting is being blocked.” Do you know anyone that has received this error on every post they made? Do you know how long this lasts? I believe we are getting this message because we posted a job listing in multiple different cities with the same information on the same day. The catch was, the job was available in each different location, same job but different regions. Now that I look closer though, that still seems as if it’s not allowed by CL TOS.

    • I would agree with you that your situation is most likely a mass posting filter that caught your ad. If you had used different wording in each ad, it might not have happened. This is a situation that you can contact Craigslist and get it fixed because I take it you paid for this listing. For people that don’t know, many parts of Craigslist are paid sections now, and in the paid sections you can’t be ghosted because you are paying. If your ad gets blocked for some reason, then you are entitled to a refund, unlike the free sections where you pretty much get what you pay for. 😉 .

  107. red927 says:

    I have been ghosted to the max on Craigslist. Let me start off by saying it was my fault. I didn’t read the terms of use like a fool. I posted too many ads in too short a period of time. I tried making not one but 2 new accounts with new emails and new phone numbers. Am I totally banned forever or will I ever be able to post on any of those accounts successfully ever again? Now that I know the rules I wouldn’t be trouble…but I need to be able to post. Their help pages are anything but. Any info?

    • You will be able to post again, its a matter of how long from now, and if you have been blacklisted or just temporarily banned. If you wait a while (a week or two) and start over with new everything, you can start to post again. If you follow the rules then you will hopefully not be Ghosted again. If you have problems you can always check out our tutorials for more details to prevent ghosting. I would also use a different computer that the one you used last time since they can track the machine also.

      • red927 says:

        Say I use a different computer to post the ad but reply to messages I receive from the same computer I first used, would they delete my ads?

      • It depends. If you reply using the same computer through the Craigslist email server it may become an issue for you. If you reply directly to the person that emails you then you have no problem. The key is to keep that machine away from the Craigslist servers. I say it “may” become an issue because this is an unknown. We don’t have a full understanding of how much they monitor the email traffic. As I understand it, they are becoming much more aggressive with the email tracking, blocking people through the emails and more which is something that they were not doing before. Its only a matter of time (if they haven’t done so already) before they cross reference all this information between emails, postings, IP, computer addresses, etc, etc.

      • red927 says:

        How do I reply directly to someone without using the Craigslist servers?

      • You would have to find a way to get their email. Ask them for it directly or in your advert or some other way. You would have to email them directly, otherwise you cannot use your old machine for anything dealing with Craigslist if you have been blacklisted. How do you know if you have been blacklisted? You will know because you will fail in all your attempts to post.

      • red927 says:

        Thank you. You have been more helpful than anyone else I have tried. I may have more questions in the future 🙂

      • Glad to help. If you need any more info visit my site at where I post up any new info as it becomes available.

  108. I just logged onto CL to find that every single one of my ads is ghosted now. I’m a human being selling some family heirlooms and now CL wants to ban me?!?! I was being harrassment flagged by this dealer named Dave (he does this to everyone several people have told me). He’s been flagging me for months. And, because he’s been flagging me, it gets easier to flag my ads. Before him, no problem. Ever since him, constant problem. And, CL doesn’t seem to care. I had to start another account just to post the ads for things that would get flagged within two seconds. Everything seemed to be fine until this afternoon. Now, NOT ONE OF MY ADS ARE SHOWING. I’m not the troublemaker. I’m a person trying to sell some family heirlooms. Thanks CL for having the real troublemakers back and not the honest person selling things. Thanks.

    • I agree with you this is a big problem on Craigslist. Having dealers and professional sellers blocking the home sellers is a big issue. He probably has more money and desire than you to throw at this so he will probably win out. Complaining to Craigslist is useless. You can try selling your stuff on Backpage also.

  109. Tg Young says:

    Is it possible for PAID job ads to be ghosted of flagged if they’re posted in more than one city?

    Also, if you buy paid ads will that mean there’s a lower chance of geting flagged or ghosted for any unpaid ads?

    • Paid ads should not be ghosted unless you do something to violate TOS like Spamming, hate speech, illegal drugs sales, etc. By definition you are paying for a service so you should not be ghosted. Flagging is a different matter since that is up to humans and not the CL system. You can still get flagged even if you pay.

  110. Can someone help me. I can still log in and post in almost every category. Today I tried several times posting in pets. The ads were flagged before they even went on the site. I did not get an email to tell me this. So the moderators must be doing this. So I then posted my puppies on the general section, just to see if they are flagging everything or even checking them, and it has been up for about an hour now no problem. What is going on and how long will this continue? Thanks

    • I don’t know how your ad reads, but here are some pointers for you. 1- You can never sell any pets or animals on Craigslist. Selling them will instantly get you Flagged. 2- Try to see if it happens at a certain time of the day or if using certain words in the ads is causing it. There are some seriously fanatical pet adoption groups, or pets rights groups or whatever groups that will flag you in an instant if they don’t like what you say in your ad.

  111. Thanks for the info, but I can’t ever seem to get past the requirement for phone verification and they won’t accept VOIP or prepaid cellphones (which are the only phones I use). Any ideas on how to get around this?

    • On my website the Advanced Tutorials in Level 5 Membership explain how to deal with these problems. I cant explain it here or it would render the method useless.

  112. Every single post of mine gets flagged every single time! I cant for the life of me figure why! There is nothing wrong with what I’m selling!

  113. krystalmars says:

    Quick question, I have gone thru the whole “ghosting” problem, post adds and they never show up even tho it shows its “active” Well now I keep posting legitimate adds and they get flagged within minute if not seconds, doesn’t even give the add time to appear on CL. Is this also considered Ghosting?

    • No, this is Flagging. They are being taken down because the community or users at Craigslist are Flagging your ads for take down. Different problem all together.

      • krystalmars says:

        Ya I understand that flagging and ghosting are different things vut I’m asking because when I make a post, within 30 seconds of clicking Publish my new posts turn pink and say they are flagged, before I even receive a confirmation email, the post didnt even get a chance to go live or active so no one sees the add to flag it lol…idk nvm lol Ive just made a new account and the posts r posting lol

      • OK when you explain it like that, then I have to say its Ghosting. Your account was probably marked as a troubled account and every time you post you will probably get that same reaction. A new account is a good way to go.

      • trg7154 says:

        So what is CL doing about it? I guess only selling or buying is important. Trying to find a date or companionship doesn’t matter. I had a personal ad posted when I moved to a new state. Within 3 days my perfectly innocent ad was flagged. Why is it (if this is the true reason) that other people can flag an ad, which causes it to be deleted without the CL staff investigating it. Or checking the flagged account. Seems lazy or questionable. No email or anything notifying me. I also don’t like my name being displayed on the emails. I’m definitely not hiding ANYTHING. But I feel your name should be protected. Anyway, thank you for wasting my time entering the info only to be flagged and deleted. Bummer.

      • Dating sites and hookers control the singles section, so you can forget about finding any meaningful relationship there. This is why your ad was flagged. Also, why would you enter your real name? You always create some fake info for websites, that’s just a given. At least I thought it was.

  114. Earl Johny says:

    Is there any free proxy server available to post ads on craigslist? and if posting from one account get ghosted each time. Should we have to create another one or we can able to post ads from existing id?

    • Yes, there are some free proxys that will work, but not many. If all your posts are getting Ghosted from one account, I would say that this does not bode well for that account. You can do several things to try and clean up that account, but most people will opt for the faster way and just create a new account.

  115. b0yzero says:

    I ended up being ghosted on Craigslist and it was a very frustrating experience. I tried most of the things you read about such as changing my email address and using a different phone number but my ads continued to not appear on the site. I was finally able to start posting ads again when I logged into my Craigslist account that was being ghosted and reposted an ad from 2007. Somehow, that ad posted perfectly! I did the same thing using old expired ads from various years and they all successfully posted even after I completely changed the title, picture, and content of the ad during the reposting process. I have not yet attempted to post a fresh, new ad to see if that works because, now that it ain’t broke, I’m not going to try to fix it. I hope this is helpful and works for others as well.

    • That’s a very good point that you bring up. Using old ads that were previously OK and reposting them. I discuss that same method in the tutorials on my site. I also show how you can use ghosted ads as traffic for real ads or new ads. Why you ask? Because if you repost a ghosted ad it cant be ghosted again. Its tricky but it works.

  116. I can’t believe you feel so vengeful towards a -free- advertising service, like it owes you something.

    • Vengeful? I don’t have any malice or hatred towards them. I feel there are many practices of theirs that are unfair, but that’s about it. I’m here to help people cut through the BS not to put down Craigslist. I think they provide a great service. I just don’t like the way they go about it.

      • Keith Rauh says:

        I find it funny how some individuals can post 100s of ads a week and have no problem but others who been using the site for years and simply want to post in 6 different sections you serve have been ghosted – how can one person get around this and other get screwed and get ghosted – the only thing I see here is the fact that people are running away from this website. sadly a few years ago this site was great – I wish them luck when some one takes over their share of the market place and creates a totally new website

  117. Jordan Chase says:

    So I am trying to help a furniture store who has multiple computers and email accounts and some but not all of the post show up for different furniture. There are competitors posting the same pictures adds all day and all night. Is it possible they developed an application that would sit there and create new accounts for all of these posts and keep re-posting. Just trying to keep things fair in the market.

    • Anything is possible. There are some auto posting programs available, but CL generally catches them. If you want to try some, I have some auto post programs bundled up and available for free download at my website on the download page (tutorial page). You can try and see if they help you. If not, I list several other methods on my site that you can try and see what works best for you.

  118. Craigslist is also unpatriotic. If you say anything about employers that offer dirt for pay and explain that the reason is mainly because of the illegal aliens working for lower wages, they will remove it. Further and more to that point, employers have all learned that people will work for next to nothing because they can hire two IA’s for the price of one AMERICAN and so they’re getting WAY rich off their own peoples AND the aliens backs. And while this all drives wages down, EVERYTHING else is going up. AMERICANS are starving you greedy bassturds. How many people did you see today begging for money? Start counting ’em. You and I may be next. You would think that they would be trying to get the message out and stop all this political correctness bullpattie and try to HELP the economy instead of ruin it. Craigslist could be helpful or hurtful. If you’re the latter, you’re the enemy. Period. All I can say people is that something is up in this country. And if the people who want this country to ‘go away’ saw this, they would probably get the idea to spend millions of their oil dollars to help all this along. Maybe they already DID see it… Better get ready….


  119. Jason Bishop says:

    I admire your generosity. Thank you for the information. I have one question. Why am I not able to log into craigslist on a proxy server? It keeps refreshing the login screen as if I didnt type the pw in correctly.

    • That has to do more with the proxy that you are using. Not all proxies work on Craigslist. It has to be a proxy that acts as if it was really you. It has to work as a middle man but not cut out the information Craigslist is sending you. A lot of proxies will interfere with the cookies, java scripts, and other such things which give away the fact that it’s not really you. Some free proxies are just not good enough and you have to use a pay service. The decision comes down to whether you will be making enough profit from Craigslist to cover the cost of the proxy service or not.

  120. Debby Potter says:

    This is very interesting. Thank you. They actually have a section for real estate being sold by brokers, so it doesn’t make any sense that they would ‘ghost’ our ads. 😦

  121. Cyn Sadler says:

    Thanks for the tips and keep us posted. This looks like it needs updating. I still have questions though.

    • Hi Cyn, ask any questions you have and I will try to answer as best I can. I do not update these posts as much as I do the ones on my blog. You can get a LOT more information there than you can here. I post some general guidelines here and suggest you visit my blog for a more extensive review of any problem or situation that exists at Craigslist. I have a lot more pages there for your enjoyment. Visit for much more details. In fact right now I am tied up migrating everything from my old address to this new one.

      • Mike says:

        Hello, Why do my ad shows posted 8 hours ago as soon as i post an add on craigslist , just few seconds as i post it shows posted 8 or 10 hours go and it get ghosted immediately, pls help about this

      • craigslist says:

        Sorry, but there are too many variables for me to be able to give you a quick, easy response. What you need to do is visit my website and read through the content there so you can narrow down exactly what is happening to you. Once you narrow it down, you may be better able to understand and correct or deal with the problem that is plaguing you.

  122. Denver Apartment Finder 2010 says:

    good info

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